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Ysart, Paul

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows examples from the great variety of designs made by this Master Paperweight Maker.

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Roundel Pattern on Orange
Reference: YSA 01760
Spaced around a green/white/red composite centre cane are 5 millefiori circlets. 2 of them (blue & green) are composed of complex canes; the other 3 include white star canes, pink/orange cogs & mauve/white tubes with a pale-green centre. Each one is centred by a different coloured complex cane. 5 gr..
Roundel Pattern on Blue Jasper
Reference: YSA 01207
5 millefiori clusters are set around a 12-toothed complex cog cane over a pale-blue jasper ground . The white-collared canes spaced around the perimeter are filled with amber, lavender, blue and green cogs. The glass has a greyish tint. The base has a deep concavity with a rough pontil mark. Probabl..
Scrambled (PY cane!)
Reference: YSA 01026
A colourful scrambled weight containing - in addition to numerous whole and partial canes and aventurine inclusions - a roughly 1cm long, mirror-inverted PY cane. It probably got in there inadvertently, and is lying just above the opaque, mottled orange ground. The usual central air bubble with 8 fu..
Early End-of-Day
Reference: YSA 01593
The purplish tint to the glass would indicate an early weight - 1930s - and probably a trial to test a new type of ground. Whole canes, partial canes and aventurine inclusions are set on a white ground - that didn’t quite work! It has the appearance of plaster of Paris, is slightly off-white, and th..
Harland Harlequin
Reference: YSA 00215
Reds, blues, greens, pinks, yellow, amber and lavender - they are all there in this colourful assortment of partial canes and twists, set over a think blue jasper ground an punctuated by a central and 8 peripheral bubbles. Signed underneath with an H cane - Harland, 1970s. Flat, polished base...
FAKE Butterfly over Basket
Reference: YSA 03882
Hovering above a white filigree basket is a red-bodied butterfly with red/white millefiori forewings and blue/white hindwings.  The millefiori canes are good;  the filigree basket is well-made and the weight contains a PY cane. However, this is a FAKE Paul Ysart paperweight - admittedly one that is ..
FAKE Blue Fish
Reference: YSA 03883
Swimming above a translucent mottled amethyst ground is a dark-blue fish with gold aventurine fins. Encircling the fish is a continuous spoke & millefiori cane garland. Unfortunately although the weight contains a PY cane, the signature cane is a FAKE with an amber “P” and a "slipped"red “Y”.  Flat,..
Roundel Pattern (Fake PY Cane !)
Reference: YSA 01713
A well made, signed paperweight - but not made by Paul Ysart! The large complex centre cane is a Vasart cane - maybe even earlier. Perhaps the canes in the 5 clusters are from the same source, but what is missing are the 5 perimeter canes - typically seen in this design !The signature cane underneat..
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