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Ysart, Paul

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows examples from the great variety of designs made by this Master Paperweight Maker.

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Butterfly with Garland (PY Cane)
Reference: YSA 01562
A butterfly with a red aventurine body and wings made of pale-pink, coral-pink, yellow, cinnamon & white millefiori canes. The insect is encircled by a double border garland, with spaced canes inside a continuous chain of complex millefiori in shades of mauve, lemon & orange over a deep-amber ground..
Garlanded Butterfly (PY cane)
Reference: YSA 02051
A butterfly rests on a bed of radial latticinio twists within a garland of alternating pink & white millefiori canes. The insect has a green aventurine body, reddish head and black antennae. The wings are made of flattened millefiori canes. The pink/white fore wings are made of composite canes with ..
Aventurine Butterfly (H Cane)
Reference: YSA SA106
A beautiful, small aventurine butterfly - the body in green, the upper pair of wings in gold with 3 yellow dots and the lower wings in red aventurine each with a single yellow dot - floating above an opaque sky-blue colour ground.Signed on the underside of the colour ground with a pink/white H cane...
Butterfly/Spaced Garland (H cane)
Reference: YSA 01670
A red aventurine-bodied butterfly - its wings created out of pink & red flattened millefiori canes - encircled by a spaced garland of amethyst/white/green and ruby/white/green complex canes. Set on a translucent dark-blue mottled ground. Flat polished base.The amethyst cane directly below the insect..
Signed Centre Cluster on Clear
Reference: YSA X152
Set over a clear ground is a tightly-packed cluster of approx. 25 complex millefiori canes - in colours ranging from lavender, pink & mauve to green, yellow & brown - around a PY signature cane. (see composite picture)  The border garland is composed of mauve, pink & white complex c..
Centre Cluster & Garland (PY Cane)
Reference: YSA X113
Over a clear ground a garland of alternating mauve/white complex millefiori canes encircles the centre cluster. The cluster contains approx. 20 canes including simple cog and star canes and extremely-complex canes in a huge range of colours.Incorporated in the cluster is a ribbed green/white PY sign..
Garlanded Closepack (PY Cane)
Reference: YSA 01488
The closepack centre contains approx. 35 complex millefiori colours ranging from lavender, pink & turquoise to dark-blue, emerald-green & mustard-yellow. The perimeter garland is composed of pink, yellow, blue & white complex canes.   The PY signature cane is concealed in one of the canes..
Garlanded Closepack (PY Cane)
Reference: YSA 01683
A large weight with a garland of alternating red/white florets and green, blue, white & mauve complex canes encircling a centre closepack with ca. 40 millefiori canes including simple and extremely-complex cog and star canes, over a clear ground.Incorporated in the cluster is a ribbed green/white PY..
5-colour Crown (PY Label)
Reference: YSA X107
From a central bubble 3 opaque orange rods alternating with 3 translucent cranberry and 6 translucent blue rods (each wrapped in a different type of white latticinio spiral) swirl over a translucent green core. The individual rods join up at a small, lightly-ground central concavity in the virtually..
5-colour Crown
Reference: YSA 01604
A colourful crown set with 6 radiating translucent cranberry staves - alternating with 3 pale-green and 3 opaque orange staves (each within different white filigree spirals) over a translucent yellow core. The staves meet at a lightly-ground “button” pontil in the flat base. The staves are set almos..
4-colour Crown (Harland 1970s)
Reference: YSA 02137
Subtle colouring in a 4-colour crown. From under the central bubble 3 pink and 3 green rods wrapped in latticinio threads - alternate with 6 white latticinio twists - and swirl, anti-clockwise, over an opaque pale-blue inner core to meet in the centre of the base.In the small, polished central conca..
3-colour Crown
Reference: YSA 01603
An attractive crown in a striking colour combination - coral-pink, white & aquamarine. From the centre bubble, 6 pink rods - alternating with 6 white filigree twists - swirl, slightly anti-clockwise, over an opaque aquamarine inner core to meet in the centre of the flat base.The unusual feature ..
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