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Ysart, Paul

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows examples from the great variety of designs made by this Master Paperweight Maker.

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Closepack Centre (Monart Label)
Reference: YSA X153
A meticulously set millefiori arrangement with approx. 35 simple and complex canes closely packed in the centre encircled by a double garland composed of 3 different types of millefiori canes.  The design is set over a sand ground.Wide flat fire-polished base with a central concavity and a gold..
Closepack Centre on Green (Monart Label)
Reference: YSA 03235
A meticulously-set spoke & cane design on an opaque mid-green ground. The closepack centre - enclosed in a ring of blue/white/green florets - contains approx. 20 complex millefiori canes of various sizes. 14 fine filigree twists and 2 different types of millefiori canes make up the border garland.A ..
Closepack Centre on Blue (Monart Label)
Reference: YSA 02125
A meticulously-set design with a closepack centre within a ring of blue, white & green florets. The garland consists of 14 filigree "spokes" with green/white and blue/white millefiori canes betwen them. The blue/white canes are “split” and consist of 2 parts: a blue/white corrugated cane with a pink..
Closepack Centre on Pink
Reference: YSA 03858
Approx 20 simple and complex millefiori canes are closely-packed within a ring of green/white cog canes. The continuous border garland is composed of 6 large green/white/red composite canes set between 3-cane clusters composed of 2 white collar canes & a small pink/green/white cane. The design is se..
Closepack Centre on Mottled Orange
Reference: YSA X138
A well-set design on a mottled orange-yellow ground. The closepack centre cluster - enclosed in a ring of blue/white/green florets - contains over 20 simple and complex millefiori canes. Filigree cable twists and 2 different types of millefiori canes make up the border garland.The slightly concave, ..
Closepack Centre on Pale-blue
Reference: YSA 03662
Meticulously-set millefiori canes on an opaque pale-blue ground. In the centre approx. 30 simple and complex millefiori canes of various sizes are closely packed within a ring of white corrugated canes. The border garland is composed of short lengths of fine white latticinio, single amber/white/coba..
Closepack Centre on Green
Reference: YSA 03438
Arranged over a translucent mottled green ground is a centre cluster containing approx. 20 millefiori canes ringed by alternating canes. Around the perimeter are pairs of white latticinio and copper aventurines spokes - which reach almost to the centre - separated by 2 different types of white cog c..
Onion-spire Inkwell (PY cane)
Reference: YSA 02029
A inkwell with an onion-spire stopper - and signed with a PY cane (clearly visible in the second image). The complex millefiori canes in the base are closely-packed within a double garland. The inner ring has spaced  canes; the outer ring is a continuous garland with 2 green/white cogs alternating w..
Butterfly Inkwell (Scratch-signed)
Reference: YSA 02057
A large bulbous inkwell, the base decorated with a gold aventurine-bodied butterfly with a red head and orange antennae. Elongated complex millefiori canes form the outstretched fore wings (orange, green & brown) and hind wings (orange, green and white). The insect is set on an opaque azure ground s..
Inkwell with Millefiori Base
Reference: YSA 00545
An early, square-shouldered inkwell. The base is set with 3 concentric rows of alternating millefiori canes around a large, central complex cane. The colourful neck of the inkwell and the stopper are made from fine powdered glass.The base has been lightly ground to remove the pontil mark.  ..
Inkwell with Millefiori
Reference: YSA 00546
An inkwell in the style generally considered to be early Ysart...with the neck and stopper made of purple, green, blue, amber and white glass chippings. The large, red-lined, white millefiori cane with a yellow star centre in the clear base of the inkwell, is encircled by a row of alternating comple..
Spaced Concentric on Sand Ground
Reference: YSA X154
Green, brown, ruby & white compound millefiori canes around the complex centre cane are encircled by a border garland of filigree & aventurine twists with alternating blue & pink canes.  The design is set over a sand ground. Flat, fire-polished base; concave centre with a small, unf..
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