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Caithness Abstract

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows typical examples of abstract designs from this well-known Scottish glassworks.

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The Iris - Ed. 100 (2001)
Reference: CAI 01597
A Helen MacDonald design - from a series entitled “Van Gogh Inspirations”. A solitary deep-violet iris is set against “the lush green foliage of the master’s palette”. The dome-shaped weight has 3 polished oval facets. The matt-green sides are decorated with V-groove flutes of different lengths cut ..
Floribunda 1/1 (1999)
Reference: CAI X016
A riot of colour in a one-off design by Colin Terris. Like a firework above a layer of thousands of minute air bubbles, a central twist of pink dichroic glass explodes and bursts into a kaleidoscope of purple streamers and tiny bubbles. Two rows of tear-drop facets decorate the lower half of the bul..
Cavatina - Ed. 75 (1998)
Reference: CAI X010
A Colin Terris abstract design; issued in 1998 in a limited edition of 75. Cavatina - a sustained melody - fuses translucent green dichroic glass with curving white crystalline tendrils under a layer of fine controlled bubbles over an amber-flashed base. The weight is finished with an hexagonal top ..
Destination Deimos - Ed. 75 (1998)
Reference: CAI K176
One of Philip Chaplain’s last - and most effective - designs before he left Caithness. The pointed dome-shaped weight contains an elongated orange-speckled silver bubble over a swirling pale-blue & white form and a “cobweb” of thousands of tiny air bubbles - with an aquamarine flash around the base ..
Regal Iris - Ed. 100 (1998)
Reference: CAI K123
A truly “regal” design from Helen MacDonald: a violet iris - its petals covered in dew drops - set in a matt, domed weight with 2 polished facets revealing the flower. The surrounding satin-finished sides have been beautifully engraved by Helen with tall bearded irises and narrow, lanceolate leaves...
Aztec Rainflower - Ed. 350 (1997)
Reference: CAI K148
Alastair MacIntosh’s interpretation of a Mexican legend. A wedge-shaped weight with front and back facets, smaller side facets and vertical flutes around the lower circumference. Stunning colours: white/green leaves with a pink & blue form rising out of a pink & blue diaphanous “veil” over a spatter..
Amazonia - Ed. 50 (1997)
Reference: CAI K055
A hexagonal column design from Colin Terris. He described his emerald-green, white crystalline, translucent cranberry and vibrant purple design as “A fantasy tropical bloom from the hidden depths of the Amazon”.Inscribed and numbered on the flat, polished base. (Original certificate)  ..
Golden Mitre - Ed. 50 (1997)
Reference: CAI X015
An abstract, wedge-shaped paperweight designed by Alastair MacIntosh. Through the 2 sloping facets the viewer sees an ivory-coloured form floating above a ground sprinkled with goldstone. The lower half of the weight is finished with a grid cut. A topaz flash gives the design its warm glow.Scratch-s..
Ammadora - Ed. 50 (1997)
Reference: CAI K102
An unusual hexagonal shape with a lavender-coloured abstract “sea plant blooming through a myriad of silvery bubbles” above a spattered blue and silver crystalline ground. Design: Caithness Paperweight Studios.Inscribed and numbered (8/50) on the flat, polished base. (Original certificate)..
River Dancers - Ed. 100 (1996)
Reference: CAI 03043
A domed weight designed by Helen MacDonald who took her inspiration from traditional Irish dancing, which has become increasingly popular in the last few years. Through the sloping front facet we see her interpretation of two dancers and etched into the frosted surround are the steps the dancers are..
Vivaldi - Ed. 750 (1996)
Reference: CAI 02043
One of Margot Thomson’s excellent abstract designs, issued in 1996: Vivaldi - depicted in a beautiful teardrop weight backed by an amber flash. Floating above a brilliant- aquamarine cushion - covered in a layer of tiny air bubbles - is a mottled pale-purple spiked form and an elongated silver bubbl..
Devil’s Advocate - Ed. 150 (1996)
Reference: CAI K088
Designed by Philip Chaplain this dome-shaped weight has 3 polished facets which meet in a point at the top. Inside, a single silver sphere floats above a blue “shell”. The pink & blue mottled decoration around the lower third lends the weight its fascinating play of colours.Acid-etched on the flat, ..
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