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Manson, Family

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows typical examples of the work of William Manson Snr. 

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Dragonfly Ed.150 (1998)
Reference: MAN 03982
Borne on a branched brown stem are 3 yellow-centred royal blue lampwork blossoms together with numerous green leaves. Fluttering between them is a dragonfly with a yellow & black segmented body, red eyes and diaphanous pale-blue wings. The upright weight is finished with a sloping front facet.Signed..
Ice Grotto with Rose (1998)
Reference: MAN 02720
Viewed through a polished front facet is a red rose in full bloom with 2 green leaves set behind it. The curved brown stem bears 2 further leaves and a side branch with a red bud. The textured finish around the weight gives the impression of cracked ice.A WM signature cane is placed at the bottom of..
Garlanded Flower (Signed)
Reference: MAN 03382
A bright orange lampwork flower with 10 ribbed petals arranged around a green/white millefiori “stamen”. The stem bears 4 veined leaves. The design is set within a border garland composed of purple, white & green composite millefiori canes over a translucent blue ground. The weight is finished with ..
Rock Pool - Master Sample (1997)
Reference: MAN 00811
The “master sample” used for a small limited edition of 40 weights produced by Caithness.  The piece captures the microcosm of a small rock pool that is flooded at high tide. Swimming in the clear water are a red aventurine manta ray and 2 green aventurine fish. Amongst the pink and green aqua..
Butterfly & Ladybird (1996)
Reference: MAN 03364
Happily climbing the stem of one of the tall flowers growing from a grassy mound is a large red & black ladybird. A butterfly flutters between the sprays of pink & purple flowers. The insect’s body is enhanced with red aventurine; the eye spots on its outstretched brown wings are orange. The back of..
Blue Lagoon Ed. 50 (1995)
Reference: MAN 03155
A theme the artist has frequently returned to: marine life. Swimming above the sandy ocean floor - over shells and pink coral - are 3 brightly-coloured tropical fish. One is reddish-brown with bright-yellow horizontal stripes. The green fish has a single white stripe while the third one is blue with..
Coral Reef Ed. 50 (1995)
Reference: MAN 03069
The sloping front facet of this spherical weight reveals 2 terracotta-coloured fish feeding at the base of a branch of sparkling gold aventurine coral bearing bright-red polyps. A third fish is swimming in the water above them. An amethyst flash covers part of the back of the weight.Set in the ocean..
Cockatoo Ed. 50 (1993)
Reference: MAN 03254
A sloping front facet gives a view onto a skillfully lampworked cockatoo perched amidst a background of tropical vegetation. His white plummage is enhanced by a bright-red beak and yellow head & crest.Virtually hidden in the foliage at the top of the weight is a large WM signature cane. The small, p..
Butterfly Ed. 50 (1992)
Reference: MAN 03253
A butterfly flutters between sprays of yellow flowers and tall green leaves. The insect’s body is enhanced with aventurine; its outstretched pale-blue/white wings are edged with black markings. To give added depth, the design is arranged in 3 layers. The amber flash around the lower part of the weig..
Aventurine Lizard (1992)
Reference: MAN 03213
A perky little reptile in a desert landscape between sparse, low-growing vegetation. A row of yellow spots runs along his bright-green body from the tip of his snout into his tail. His feet are firmly planted on the spot and his head raised slightly, as if on the lookout for prey. The weight is fini..
Puffin Ed. 100 (1992)
Reference: MAN 03154
A finely lampworked puffin stands between 2 pale-lilac flowers. His colourful plummage - white breast, black wings, yellow, pale-blue & bright-red beak and scarlet legs - is in stark contrast to the aquamarine-flashed background. The composition of the design - with stylized seagulls overhead - achi..
Tadpoles Ed. 50 (1992)
Reference: MAN 03097
Life in and around a pond, depicted in a 3-layer compound weight. In the pond itself are 5 red-aventurine tadpoles, while floating on the surface are 2 waterlilies. Poking though the layer of green algae are brown bullrushes. A WM signature cane is set near the edge of the weight on the bottom of th..
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