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Jay Glass

After an apprenticeship at Strathearn Glass, John Deacons moved on to Perthshire Paperweights in 1968. Ten years later he felt the time was right to start a business of his own and he set up Jay Glass. The company made paperweights - mainly small editions limited to 101 pieces, although there were also a few special issues - from 1978 to 1983. Allan Scott was responsible for many of the lampwork designs, some of which were made exclusively for the American market. Early weights were signed with a “J” cane. Later date canes were introduced with 4 numerals in various combinations of red, blue & green. The venture closed down in 1983.

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Reference: JAY 04355
Design J41: A large weight with a purple/yellow primrose, a pale-pink double clematis and a crimson single clematis arranged with buds and blue & green foliage over a clear ground.  The weight is finished with a circular top window and 16 oval side facets.Signed with a tiny complex blue/mau..
Reference: JAY 04354
Design J42: A large weight with 4 white cherry blossoms with yellow & orange upright stamens. The arrangement - over a clear ground - is completed with tightly-closed buds, dark-brown branches and pale-green leaves. The weight is finished with a circular top window and 10 oval side facets.Signed..
Reference: JAY 04129
Design J14: A small weight with two lampwork clematis on a blue cushion lightly sprinkled with blue aventurine.  The pale-blue and pink flowers have deeply-cupped petals set around complex millefiori cane stamen.  The stems are tied with a white bow just below the lower leaves.Signed with a J1979 ca..
Reference: JAY 03842
Design J08: A small weight with a 5-petalled lampwork flower and bud on a cushion of white latticinio tubes. The flower’s deep-pink petals, with white centre veins, are set around a complex millefiori cane stamen. A short curving stem supports the flower and bud as well as a number of green leaves.S..
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