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Holmes, Peter

Peter Holmes has been involved in glass making since 1963 when he started his apprenticeship under master craftsman Paul Ysart. He set up Scottish Borders Art Glass on the outskirts of Hawick in 2002. Although best known for the abstract weights he created and perfected while at Selkirk Glass, he still makes beautiful millefiori canes and excellent lampwork for traditional-style paperweights, which are signed with a “PH” cane. Son Andrew is now working with him - carrying on the traditions of glassmaking while introducing his own designs. Andrew’s pieces are signed with an “AH” cane.

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Reference: PHL 04353
An attractive one-off design: a pink & white fantasy flower with a millefiori cane stamen and a short stem, floats over a basket composed of blue/white & green/white latticinio rods.  The weight is finished with a circular top facet and 5 oval side facets.Signed with a PH signature cane..
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