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St. Mandé

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows typical examples of work from this relatively short-lived French glasshouse.

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Miniature Concentric with Arrow Cane
Reference: STM 04093
Featured in the centre of this miniature weight is a rare St Mandé arrow cane.  Encircling it are 6 white composite canes, each one centred by a red four-petal cross. The colour scheme of the millefiori canes, which rise high into the dome, is predominantly white, red & black. The rounded sides end ..
Concentric with Yellow Camomile
Reference: STM 02341
A miniature 3-row close concentric with an unusual feature: the yellow camomile in the centre composed of three rows of “C” canes. The other complex millefiori canes are mainly composed of stars and crimps. Although the overall colouring is muted - white, green, red, blue - the middle row of pink ca..
4-row Concentric
Reference: STM K349
A meticulously-set, low-domed close concentric design with 4 rows of complex millefiori canes encircling the red & green whorl canes in the centre. The complex canes also include tiny white rods set in blue circles and blue/white pinched bull’s-eye canes. The other cane colours are peach/pale-blue a..
Concentric with 26 Roses
Reference: STM 03076
Encircling a pale-blue centre cane are 4 rings of millefiori canes; pink-centred white stardust, blue & white canes centred by red & white hexagons, pink & white pastry moulds and around the perimeter (facing to the side) a garland of 26 pink, collapsed-tube roses with green sepals. The profile fall..
Miniature 4-Cane Centre
Reference: STM 03806
A low-domed miniature 2-row concentric set around a 4-cane centre. White & dark-green cog canes, sheathed in ruby, are set between the centre cluster and the outer row of white/red composite canes. Polished, concave base. Some internal detritus around the canes in the outer row...
Close Concentric
Reference: STM 02027
A fine miniature close concentric around a complex blue star & white bull’s eye cane. Pink-centred white star canes make up the first row followed by green & blue millefiori canes around a white star centre. Pink & white concentric tubes around a dark-green star form the outer row.Like many St Mandé..
White Shard Roses
Reference: STM 02026
Encircling the centre cane in this 3-row close concentric are 7 white shard roses with ruby sepals. The roses have complex centres - 8 tiny pink stars around pale-yellow concentric tubes - similar to the pale-yellow tubes surrounding the white/green stars in the centre cane. The white/green stars ap..
27 Shard Roses (Miniature)
Reference: STM SA17
Despite its small size, the glassmakers at St. Mandé managed to squeeze 27 white shard roses into this miniature close concentric. The 8 roses with red sepals around the 2-ring blue centre cane are each filled with tiny yellow concentric tubes surrounded by 8 pink stars, whereas the 19 blue-sepal ro..
3-row Close Concentric
Reference: STM 00401
Centred by a blue/white rayed hexagon - encircled by 9 smaller versions of the same cane - the first row is composed of bright-yellow composite canes, followed by red/white/green hexagons. The canes in the outer row have white tubes around a blue/white/red flower-like centre.Probably an early weight..
4-Row Concentric- 21 Roses
Reference: STM 00402
The outer row of canes contains 21 white/green roses, “hidden” at the centre of canes composed of 9 white concentric tubes. There are 3 further rings of complex canes in white-and-blue; pink striped stardust canes surrounding yellow centres and another ring of white concentric tubes, enclosing hollo..
3-row Concentric on Muslin
Reference: STM K220
3 rows of canes on upset muslin with short sections of fine muslin between the second and third row and between the individual blue/white/red canes in the 3rd row. The set-up reaches high into the low dome - a common feature with early St. Mandé weights. The red centre of the outer row of canes is w..
Miniature Close Concentric
Reference: STM 00311
A pink & blue composite cane centres this miniature concentric with its 3 rings of complex white, green and pink millefiori canes, which are all composed of 8 individual elements grouped around a central tube, star or rod.The weight probably began life as a drawer-pull, because at some point the bas..
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