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St. Mandé

PLEASE NOTE: this is the ARCHIVE section of the website.
All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows typical examples of work from this relatively short-lived French glasshouse.

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Miniature Concentric with Arrow Cane
Reference: STM 04093
Featured in the centre of this miniature weight is a rare St Mandé arrow cane.  Encircling it are 6 white composite canes, each one centred by a red four-petal cross. The colour scheme of the millefiori canes, which rise high into the dome, is predominantly white, red & black. The rounded sides end ..
Miniature Spaced Concentric
Reference: STM 04043
The clear glass of the miniature weight is centred by a 2-ring white “star” cane and a row of blue & white composite millefiori canes. Red & yellow millefiori canes alternate in the outer garland.  Although hard to see in the image, the yellow canes in the garland are extremely complex; 4 tiny blue/..
Miniature 7-Cane Cluster
Reference: STM 03805
A miniature 7-cane cluster with 3 pairs of complex millefiori canes encircling a central red/white tube-cane over clear ground. The pink/blue canes are centred by tiny white roses. Possibly an early weight from the factory as the canes are placed high in the dome.Polished, concave base. There is a p..
Miniature 4-Cane Centre
Reference: STM 03806
A low-domed miniature 2-row concentric set around a 4-cane centre. White & dark-green cog canes, sheathed in ruby, are set between the centre cluster and the outer row of white/red composite canes. Polished, concave base. Some internal detritus around the canes in the outer row...
Scrambled with Silhouette & Roses
Reference: STM 03498
An excellent scrambled with a colourful assortment of at least 25 whole complex millefiori canes scattered amongst the partial canes and cane fragments. There are also 2 collapsed-tube roses (image 3) and an extremely rare silhouette - a flying bird (image 4). (See George Kulles “Identifying Antique..
4-row Concentric
Reference: STM K349
A meticulously-set, low-domed close concentric design with 4 rows of complex millefiori canes encircling the red & green whorl canes in the centre. The complex canes also include tiny white rods set in blue circles and blue/white pinched bull’s-eye canes. The other cane colours are peach/pale-blue a..
Spaced Florets- Centre Rose
Reference: STM 03068
A rondello pattern on clear centred by a white shard rose with purple sepals and a tiny pink/white millefiori cane “stamen”. The 5 spaced florets are centred by 6-point green/white stars encircled by rings of white & pink stars. The outer garland has alternating green/white and blue/white/red comple..
Pink Shard Roses
Reference: STM 03186
A miniature weight with 2 large pink shard roses set in a cluster around a complex white, purple & pale yellow centre cane. The two pale-blue & pale-green canes are both centred by tiny white/purple roses.Polished, concave base.  ..
Reference: STM 03026
A closely-packed scrambled with a number of whole canes, plently of star canes and a small, yellow-centred white camomile. There is also a green/white/red hexagon and on the side half of a pink & orange “sunburst” rose (see Image No. 2 and George Kulles “Identifying Antique Paperweights; The Less Fa..
Concentric with 26 Roses
Reference: STM 03076
Encircling a pale-blue centre cane are 4 rings of millefiori canes; pink-centred white stardust, blue & white canes centred by red & white hexagons, pink & white pastry moulds and around the perimeter (facing to the side) a garland of 26 pink, collapsed-tube roses with green sepals. The profile fall..
Garland with 22 Roses
Reference: STM 03032
11 pink & yellow “sunburst” rose canes alternate with 11 translucent pale-blue petalled rose canes centred by hollow, yellow tubes. The garland encircles a centre cluster incorporating rarely-seen St Mandé arrow canes surrounded by complex emerald-green & white star canes.A slightly higher dome than..
Small Spaced Concentric
Reference: STM 03034
2 millefiori rings encircle a 6-lobed, white centre cane filled with ruby glass & a white corrugated cane containing fine pale-yellow rods. The millefiori canes include pink & white hexagons - centred by blue & white stars - and an outer garland with pairs of blue crimps around concentric white tube..
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