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    A delightful floral arrangement with a spray of yellow-centred, purple freesias cascading around a bright-blue clematis with long, upright blue anthers and an aster with a red & yellow central disk surrounded by pale-lilac rays. Green stalks and curling tendrils complete the arrangement, which is set over an opaque white ground.Signed on the underside...

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    A meticulously-set 5-row concentric with complex millefiori, crimp and ruffle canes in green, white, blue & pale-yellow encircling a mauve/white centre cane. The canes are encased in a basket of blue-lined white crimps, which have been pulled underneath to the centre of the base. The top of the dome has been finished with a small facet and 6 side...

    £ 240.00
  • A delicate single pink rose crowns an attractive arrangement of small pink, white, yellow & blue flowers set on a bed of dark-green leaves over a clear V-groove star-cut base. The weight is finished with a circular top facet and 5 side facets. Script-signed and dated above the basal rim: M Ayotte 2018

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    A high-domed patterned weight with yellow/pink canes & pale-orange/ruby canes set around a complex millefiori cane within a double garland over an opaque cream-coloured ground. The complex centre cane appears again as one of the alternating canes in the first row of the garland while the outer row is composed of semi-translucent tubes containing...

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    A lampwork double clematis with rounded, pink petals, encircling a millefiori stamen is set over a translucent olive-green ground.  The short curved stem bears 3 green leaves. The continuous border garland is composed of green/white/red & ochre/white/red complex millefiori canes. Signed with a green/white PY cane close to the bottom of the stem....

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    A chequer board pattern with white, purple & lilac twists outlining 5 squares, filled with blue/white & green/white cog canes and centred by a complex millefiori cane. The 4 triangular sections are filled with green, blue, pale-pink & chartreuse cogs. A garland of violet & white millefiori canes and short lengths of the white & purple...

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    Complex millefiori canes in a subtle colour combination - blues, pinks, purple & a hint of green - are centred by a stylized white Japanese anemone and mauve rose canes. Spaced around the centre are 5 butterfly silhouettes set in composite canes and 5 white anemones.   The canes are meticulously set over a translucent blue cushion underlaid with white...

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    Set on a cushion of fine white lace is a lampworked blue jay perched on a branch bearing orange berries and dark-green leaves. The white feathers of his throat and body contrast with the bright-blue plummage of his head, wings and tail. The design is set in a single blue overlay finished with a circular top window and on the side an unusual “square” cut -...

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..to a world of paperweights

The two paperweight categories on this website are: 

Antique Paperweights - covering the classic period - considered to be ca. 1845-1865 - and the post-classic period ca. 1870-1930.
Modern Paperweights - including weights made from ca. 1930 to the present day.
They are set out according to continent, country or region and list the main glasshouses, studios or artists in alphabetical order.
Both categories contain a Miscellaneous section for those paperweights for which there is no dedicated group
or which cannot be attributed with certainty to a particular glassworks or country.


Sunday, 6th January: this website update includes weights from American artists: Melissa Ayotte, Paul Stankard, Ken Rosenfeld, Drew EbelhareFrancis Whittemore and Scott Beyers (O&F)

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Tuesday, 1st January: the first PCC meeting this year will be the AGM, on Saturday, 23rd February. The Glass Fair @ Knebworth will take place on Sunday 24th

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