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Antique & Modern Paperweights
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The two paperweight categories on this website are:

Antique Paperweights:

paperweights from the classic period ca. 1845-1865 & the post-classic period 1870s-1920s

Modern Paperweights:

paperweights from the 1930s to the present day

The categories are set out according to continent, country or region and list the main glasshouses, studios or artists in alphabetical order.

Both categories contain a Miscellaneous section for those paperweights for which there is no dedicated group or which cannot be attributed with certainty to a particular glassworks or country

Reference: PPS 04358
A PP1 design from the transition period between Strathearn and Perthshire probably ca. 1969 as the canes still have a Strathearn look.  From the ..
Reference: PPS 04359
PP59 - introduced in 1983 - has the same pattern as PP2 but is finished with a top facet.  Set on an opaque mid-blue colour ground, crisp canes -..
Reference: PPS 04360
A small weight with a large complex centre cane encircled by a ring of blue/white millefiori canes and 8 radial twists set into a teal ground - origin..
Reference: CLI 04110
Surrounding the purple/white pastry-mould cane at the centre of the design are 9 composite canes with white stars around a turquoise core.  In the out..
Reference: PER 03825
A small weight with a 6-petalled pink flower, a short stem and 2 green leaves floating above a stave basket composed of complex purple, white & pistac..
Reference: CLI 04195
The clear glass set with colourful Clichy millefiori canes - claret, aubergine, pink, blue, red, turquoise & green - in the usual 4-5-6-7-6-5-4- forma..
Reference: STL 04124
A mixed fruit weight with 2 pears (1 green), an apple and 4 cherries set amidst serrated emerald-green leaves on a double-spiral filigree basket. Poli..
Reference: NAU 04246
Centring the design is a pale-blue millefiori cane composed of dozens of fine pale-blue/white rods around a pink 4-petalled flower. The pink flower is..
Reference: WHI 04248
From a centre cluster of canes, 5 lace twists radiate out across a dark-blue ground and divide the cushion into triangular panels each filled with a c..
Reference: PER 04236
Set on an opaque black ground are 3 large lampwork flowers - each with complex millefiori “stamen” - and a pale-blue bud.  The flowers are borne on 2 ..
Reference: DEA 04130
Set on an opaque black ground are 3 lampwork clematis - a pink & white double flower and two mid-blue single blooms - each one centred by a complex mi..
Reference: RIC 04105
A medium-size, one-off design: a blue & white butterfly flutters next to a spray of blush-pink & white flowers with yellow stamen and deep-pink markin..
Reference: MSL 04298
An attractive design using relatively simple millefiori canes.  Spaced around a centre cluster are diamond-shaped groups of red/white & green/white co..
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