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    An attractive design from Peter’s 2007 Collection featuring a profusion of red & yellow forget-me-nots. The green stems supporting the flowers, as well as the six green leaves, are enhanced with green aventurine. The design is set on a white upset muslin cushion.Signed with a PMcD cane in the polished, concave base and scratch-numbered 16/40.  

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    PP12 was among the first limited editions to be made by Perthshire. In the early weights the millefiori canes were scattered on short lengths of white lace over a translucent colour ground. In this one there are 12 complex canes in colours ranging from soft pastel pink, pale-lemon & pale-green to cobalt-blue, amber & olive-green over a translucent...

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    A one-off design by Margot Thomson in an unusual slender, tapering form. From the base - a vortex of purple and cranberry, topped with glistening bubbles - elongated mercury-like bubbles ascend into a profusion of translucent purple & cranberry streamers, which swirl upwards to the top of the weight. The front facet is polished; the back and sides...

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    A high-domed, neatly set up P-10 pattern, with millefiori canes in shades of ivory, pale-blue and pale-green, pink & yellow set between latticinio cable "spokes” over clear ground.Signed with a blue “S” in a blue/white serrated cane and dated “71” in blue numerals in a yellow/white tube.Flat, polished base with (slightly abraded) original factory sticker.

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    A miniature weight with 7 millefiori canes on a cushion of white upset muslin interwoven with a couple of blue & pink ribbons. In addition to the pink composite cane centred by a butterfly silhouette, there are 3 other Gridel silhouettes - a black dog, rooster & mountain goat - and 2 complex arrow canes.Polished, concave base with wear ring.  

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    A post-classic scrambled weight - probably from a Silesian glassworks - with a single, well-centred, complex cane: a white/ruby, 5-lobed star encircled by 7 miniature versions of the same cane. The weight is filled with short lengths of assorted white & yellow latticinio and turquoise, green, blue & red twists and ribbons.Lightly-ground flat base...

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    Clear crystal encases an attractive miniature 2-row open concentric. The deep-blue & white pastry-mould in the centre is encircled first by complex pink & white pastry-mould canes with 5 violet, white & green pastry-moulds set between pairs of green & red millefiori canes in the outer row. Narrow basal rim around a polished, concave base.

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    Fine latticinio cables, red/white & blue/white ribbons and a couple of small copper aventurine inclusions are packed into this attractive example of a mid-19th Century Venetian paperweight The surface of the low-domed weight is slightly uneven, a feature often seen in Venetian paperweights of the period.Typical deep, slightly rough basal concavity...

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May 23rd: new insertions today include American weights from Jim Brown, Ray Banford, Cape Cod, Charles Kaziun Jnr, Clinton Smith and Mayauel Ward.

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May 27th: the summer months tend to be a quieter period as far as paperweights are concerned. The next NPS meeting will take place on Saturday, July 1st...

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