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    A beautiful fruit & flower arrangement featuring a ripe strawberry, a pastel-pink china rose in full bloom, a tightly closed bud and clusters of pale lilac knotweed. Variegated leaves complete the design which is set over a clear ground.Signed and dated Trabucco 2010 above the basal rim. Polished, concave base.  

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    The frilly flower of a batchelor’s button, a double thistle-like bloom. The blossom is depicted here in graduated shades of pink, together with a half-opened bud and tightly-closed green bud, stems and narrow, pointed leaves over a clear ground.The weight is finished with honeycomb side facets and a concave top facet.Scratch-signed and dated: Daniel...

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    A miniature spherical weight: bright-yellow, pale-mauve & blue/white striped wildflowers together with clusters of red berries, ripe blueberries and a trailing root system are set in an attractive arrangement of nature’s bounty and encased in clear crystal.Scratch-signed and dated around the side: Mayauel Ward 2011. Small, polished concave base.  

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    A stylized white flower with 6 diaphanous, ruffled petals set around fine, thread-like yellow anthers. The bloom is supported by a short stem bearing 3 green leaves above a translucent, iridescent raspberry-pink cushion.Scratch-signed and dated on the flat, polished base: Mayauel Ward 2009.  

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    Set against a profusion of pointed, yellow-veined leaves in this attractive miniature one-off design are 3 golden-yellow roses in full bloom plus a bud, just about ready to open. The lampwork design is over a clear ground. .Signed and dated around the middle of the weight: Cathy Richardson 2016 1 of 1. Polished, concave base.  

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    A one-off miniature depicting a cluster of yellow-centred purple violets growing above a mound of variegated green leaves over a clear ground. The weights is signed, dated and numbered: Cathy Richardson 2016 1 of 1. Polished, concave base.  

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    A 3-dimensional bouquet composed of white roses, pale-pink freesias, a white & speckled lilac clematis with upright lilac anthers and 2 clusters of small red berries. The blooms are bound together with green leaves and arranged above a translucent cobalt-blue ground.Dated 2016 on the blue/white cane next to the “R” signature cane set on the underside...

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    A delightful floral arrangement with a spray of yellow-centred, purple freesias cascading around a bright-blue clematis with long, upright blue anthers and an aster with a red & yellow central disk surrounded by pale-lilac rays. Green stalks and curling tendrils complete the arrangement, which is set over an opaque white ground.Signed on the underside...

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February 18th 2017:  Well it's taken a while - but weights-n-things is online again with a "new look". In case you think it looks very similar, you'll find some new features when browsing and buying !

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February 18th 2017:  The PCC will hold its AGM on Saturday, 25th February. Guest speaker afterwards will be American artist Clinton Smith. On Sunday 26th the Glass Fair @ Knebworth will open its doors at 10.30am

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