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Antique & Modern Paperweights
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The two paperweight categories on this website are:

Antique Paperweights:

paperweights from the classic period ca. 1845-1865 & the post-classic period 1870s-1920s

Modern Paperweights:

paperweights from the 1930s to the present day

The categories are set out according to continent, country or region and list the main glasshouses, studios or artists in alphabetical order.

Both categories contain a Miscellaneous section for those paperweights for which there is no dedicated group or which cannot be attributed with certainty to a particular glassworks or country

Reference: BAC 04346
Set on an upset muslin cushion - interwoven with numerous blue, green & red threads - are 10 complex millefiori canes plus an additional 8 Gridel ..
Reference: BAC 04109
Encased in clear crystal is a light-blue double clematis with 2 buds.  The buds are set to the right and left of the main stem; their stems cross..
Reference: BAC 03714
The miniature weight is filled with short sections of filigree, twists, ribbons and rods in a colourful tumble of cobalt-blue, bright-green, coral-pin..
Reference: BRO 03346
White-tipped dark-green rods encircle a complex millefiori centre cane, followed by white stars and 2 rows of light-green crimps.  The outer row ..
Reference: ROS 03903
A 3-dimensional bouquet over a clear ground composed of white roses, purple freesias and clusters of small red berries arranged with variegated leaves..
Reference: ROS 03691
A spray of yellow-centred, purple freesias cascades around a bright-blue clematis and a red & yellow centred aster.  Green stalks and curling..
Reference: PMC 04317
This was Design No 1 from Peter’s 2004 Collection - a 5-petalled yellow flower with a complex millefiori cane “stamen” set over a swirling pink filigr..
Reference: PMC 04158
As of the 2009 Annual Collection Peter’s scattered designs on coloured lace were made as limited editions in 2 sizes. In this medium-size version 17 c..
Reference: PMC 04160
A closepack - No. 8 in Peter’s 2011 Annual Collection - with more than 60 complex millefiori canes on a multi-coloured ground set within an amethys- r..
Reference: PMC 04186
In 2010 Peter’s made his scattered design on coloured lace - this time cranberry-coloured - in 2 sizes each as a limited edition of 50 pieces.  This i..
Reference: YSA 03869
A miniature weight with 6 complex millefiori canes - filled with numerous colourful tiny canes & rods - set around a large corrugated/cog cane in the ..
Reference: MSL 04148
Lines of complex brown, pink & white millefiori canes are interlaced with strands of fine white filigree over an opaque pale-green cushion.Signed clos..
Reference: SCO 03884
A delicate floral arrangement: 2 pale-lilac fantasy flowers in full bloom, one unfurling and a tightly-closed bud set against a “misty” backdrop. Comp..
Reference: BAC 04075
A small weight with a red & white primrose.  6 well-formed petals surround a white stardust stamen centred by a pink bulls’ eye cane.  The flower is c..
Reference: RAY 04138
The clear glass set with a hummingbird - with a red throat and distinctive green & black plummage - hovering in front of orange blossoms.Signed above ..
Reference: NAU 04246
Centring the design is a pale-blue millefiori cane composed of dozens of fine pale-blue/white rods around a pink 4-petalled flower. The pink flower is..
Reference: NAU 04170
A basket of pink/white star canes and purple/white rods encircles a 3-row cushion of millefiori canes.  The complex canes in the centre are held in a ..
Reference: ROS 04004
Floating on the surface of a pool between 3 green lily pads are two pink waterlilies in full bloom as well as a tightly closed bud.Embedded in the sid..
Reference: SHE 03907
Over a speckled opaque blue ground this 2-layer design features a large white blossom centred by a complex millefiori cane. Spreading over the bloom a..
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