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    A medium-size weight with an arched canopy of closely-packed millefiori canes which rises well into the dome. The assortment of typical Baccarat canes includes shamrock & leaf canes with fortress centres, variously-coloured and different types of arrow canes, numerous stars, whorls, bull’s eyes and red trefoils. Set on an opaque white cushion the...

    £ 920.00
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    A neatly set up mid-size chequer - centred by a pink/green rose - on a bed of upset muslin with latticinio cables separating the 17 vibrantly coloured complex millefiori canes. There is a second pink/green rose in the outer ring of canes. A broad wear ring surrounds the polished, concave base.

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    Over a clear ground an outer garland of alternating pistachio/pink & blue/white composite millefiori canes encircles a 4-cane nosegay in shades of salmon-pink, white, blue & pale-orange nestled against 5 green serrated leaves. The weight is finished with a top and 6 side facets.A 24-point star-cut decorates the polished, concave base.

    £ 499.00
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    Set around a large ruby/white 8-point star, the canes in this large closepack - attributed to H. G. Richardson - are all very similar, but appear in various sizes and different colours - white/ruby, white/blue, white/aquamarine & bluish/mauve. The basket is formed from similar canes with a couple of others - dark-blue & blue /pink - added for good...

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  • £ 360.00 In Stock

    A carpet ground of unusually-coloured complex millefiori canes: rich burgundy, pinkish-red and yellowish-brown. Randomly scattered across the canopy of canes are 11 small black & white signs of the zodiac - each one at the centre of a millefiori cane. There should be 12 - but one seems to have disappeared !Dated 1969 on a single cane in black numerals...

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    A blue & white flower and bud rest on a white muslin cushion within a pink-on-white double overlay. Encircling the flower is a garland of pale-blue & topaz rose canes separated by pink & white crimps. The overlay is finished with a top facet, 10 oval side facets and a row of 6 star-cuts.Embedded in the polished, concave base is a JHD 2017...

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    A top and 5 side facets in the pistachio-on-white overlay reveal a well-formed mushroom, composed of 6 rows of complex millefiori canes in shades of turquoise, pink, white & dark-blue. The green & white canes in the outer row are drawn into a tapering stem.Signed with an SL1970 date cane in the centre of the tuft. Polished, concave base.

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    A perfectly-crafted 4-row concentric set around a yellowish-green star and made up of 6 different types of complex millefiori canes with alternating canes in the 2nd and 4th rows. Colours range from pale-pink, pale-blue & pale-amber to purple, lime-green & orange.The base, which shows considerable signs of wear, is slightly concave with an...

    £ 340.00


Sunday, September 3rd: new insertions today from Paul Ysart - including pre-1940 weights, Monart period (1940/50s), Caithness and Harland

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September 12th: the next major event for weights-n-things will be the National Glass Fair on Sunday, 11th November at the Motorcycle Museum at Junction 6 on the M42 motorway

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