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Antique & Modern Paperweights
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The two paperweight categories on this website are:

Antique Paperweights:

paperweights from the classic period (ca. 1845-1865) & the post-classic period (1870s-1920s)

Modern Paperweights:

paperweights from the 1930s to the present day

The categories are set out according to continent, country or region and list the main glasshouses, studios or artists in alphabetical order

Both categories contain a Miscellaneous section for those paperweights for which there is no dedicated group or which cannot be attributed with certainty to a particular glassworks or country

Reference: PER 03710
A floral arrangement composed of 3 flowers, buds and green leaves is encased in a black single overlay.  The weight is cut with a circular top wi..
Reference: PER 03767
One of Perthshire’s best with a gold-ruby flash overlay.  Set within the weight is a 3 dimensional arrangement of orange/yellow & blue/white ..
Reference: RIC 04378
Nestled against dark-green, yellow-veined leaves are multi-petalled pink & white peonies in full bloom together with tightly-closed buds and clust..
Reference: PER 04315
An attractive one-off design believed to have been made in the late 1990s. Within an intricately-cut red/white double overlay is a 5-flower bouquet co..
Reference: CLI 04103
A medium-sized 19-cane spaced design in clear crystal centred by a pink/green rose with yellow pistils.  Typical Clichy pastrymould canes in colours r..
Reference: SHE 04247
A medium-size weight showing a blue/white fantasy flower with upright yellow & orange stamen; together with blue buds & bluish-green leaves it lies on..
Reference: BAN 04139
A fruit weight from Ray Banford: four ripe pears hang from a brown, forked branch along with three dark-green leaves.  The lampwork design is set over..
Reference: PMC 04162
Set on a white lace cushion is a bright-blue lampwork flower with 5 dark-blue veined petals around a pink & white complex millefiori “stamen”.  Spaced..
Reference: CLI 03112
A chequer pattern with a pink/green rose centring 2 rows of 16 complex millefiori canes - separated by short lengths of latticinio - over a white lace..
Reference: PPS 04359
PP59 - introduced in 1983 - has the same pattern as PP2 but is finished with a top facet.  Set on an opaque mid-blue colour ground, crisp canes -..
Sunflower & Lilac 1/1 (2020)
New Reserved
Reference: RIC 04376
This beautiful floral arrangement set in clear features a fully-open, bright-yellow sunflower, a tightly-furled bud and 2 sprays of purple lilac again..
Reference: RIC 04349
White daffodils with orange trumpets encircle a multi-petalled purple flower against a background of variegated leaves over a clear ground. Scratch-si..
Reference: RIC 04377
The clear glass is set with a delightful lampwork posy: purple & white crocuses and numerous buds are arranged around a central pink flower over a..
Reference: RIC 04348
An arrangement of purple berries & blooms together with bright yellow flowers, buds and dark-green leaves over a clear ground.Signed and dated aro..
Reference: RIC 04378
Nestled against dark-green, yellow-veined leaves are multi-petalled pink & white peonies in full bloom together with tightly-closed buds and clust..


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