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    Coiled on top of a pink-on-white double overlay, decorated with scrolling gold ornamentation is a gilded lizard. Etched around the side of the crystal sphere are orientally-influenced curving vines, flowers and leaves.Signed, dated & numbered SL 1980 230/300 in gold on the base around the 16-point star-cut.  (Includes the original, numbered certificate)  

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                             A Jay-Glass weight (1978-1983)A large weight with 4 delicate white cherry blossoms centred by yellow and orange upright stamens. The arrangement - over a clear ground - is completed by tightly-closed buds, dark-brown branches and pale-green leaves. The weight is finished with a circular top window and 10 oval side facets.Signed...

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    Instead of having a lizard inside it, this paperweight has one on the outside. The friendly-looking fellow - with his beautiful pink & purple markings and purple feet - is perched on a translucent, mottled amethyst cushion decorated with gold & silver foil.Scratch-signed on the flat, polished base: M. Hunter Twists 15.  

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    Encased in a black single overlay is a floral arrangement centred by a large mauve bloom together with a pale-blue, a white-striped & a mustard-yellow flower. Completing the arrangment are buds and green leaves. The weight is cut with a circular top window and 6 large oval side facets and 6 smaller facets.Signed with a tiny green/white “P” cane at the...

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    A beautiful fruit & flower arrangement featuring a ripe strawberry, a pastel-pink china rose in full bloom, a tightly closed bud and clusters of pale lilac knotweed. Variegated leaves complete the design which is set over a clear ground.Signed and dated Trabucco 2010 above the basal rim. Polished, concave base.  

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    A popular lampwork design by this artist: the spiderlily. The yellow flower has 6 frilly petals set around a black “stamen” and orange anthers. It is arranged on 4 narrow, two-tone green leaves over a turquoise ground, liberally scattered with goldstone. Set at an angle on a footed pedestal.Signed with a gold-foil “K” on the white underlay.  

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    A bright-blue aster makes a splash of colour in a soft-hued lampwork bouquet of white Clichy-style roses, yellow-centred, pale-pink freesias and a white and speckled-lilac clematis with upright stamen. Completing the design are pale-green leaves and curling tendrils over an opaque pale-blue ground.Dated 2016 on the blue/white cane next to the “R”...

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    Reminiscent of a meadow in spring: this delightful floral design depicts small purple and larger yellow daisy-like wildflowers together with narrow green leaves over a clear ground.Scratch-signed, dated and numbered around the middle of the weight: Cathy Richardson 2016 1 of 1. Polished, concave base.  

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May 20th: I haven’t finished photographing Modern St. Louis but I will upload some American weights: Jim Brown; Clinton Smith, Charles Kaziun, Ray Banford, Cape Cod & Mayauel Ward in the next couple of days.

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May 15th: the summer months tend to be a quieter period as far as paperweights are concerned. The next NPS and PCC meetings will be on the second weekend in September...

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