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Antique & Modern Paperweights
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The two paperweight categories on this website are:

Antique Paperweights:

paperweights from the classic period (ca. 1845-1865) & the post-classic period (1870s-1920s)

Modern Paperweights:

paperweights from the 1930s to the present day

The categories are set out according to continent, country or region and list the main glasshouses, studios or artists in alphabetical order

Both categories contain a Miscellaneous section for those paperweights for which there is no dedicated group or which cannot be attributed with certainty to a particular glassworks or country

Reference: PER 04236
Set on an opaque black ground are 3 large lampwork flowers - each with complex millefiori “stamen” - and a pale-blue bud.  The flowers are borne on 2 ..
Reference: BAC 04243
Various types of arrow canes, shamrocks, whorls, honeycombs and stars - in green, turquoise, blue, red, salmon-pink and orange - are closely packed to..
Reference: RAY 04138
The clear glass set with a hummingbird - with a red throat and distinctive green & black plummage - hovering in front of orange blossoms.Signed above ..
Reference: NAU 04010
A basket of pink & purple canes encircles a 3-row concentric design centred by a pink & pale-blue 4-petalled flower cane.  A first row of black-lined ..
Reference: PPS 04178A
Introduced in 1983, PP59 has the same pattern as PP2 but rather than it domed top it has a facet.  This 11-spoke example over a semi-translucent mid-b..
Reference: DEA 04131
A good crown weight: centred by a pink, blue & white composite cane, 5 red/blue ribbons and 5 red/green ribbons - enhanced with gold aventurine - alte..
Reference: MBA 04126
The weight with the Gridel squirrel was one of the first of the limited edition series, which featured all the famous silhouettes.  Here it is set at ..
Reference: YSA 03859
The pink/yellow & ruby/pale-orange canes in the central set-up in this high-domed weight are encircled by a row of complex millefiori canes and an..
Reference: BAC K357
A small pansy with 2 deep-purple and 3 purple-tipped yellow petals on an opaque white underlay. The lower petals have distinct black markings.  Surrou..
Reference: PER 04315
An attractive one-off design believed to have been made in the late 1990s. Within an intricately-cut red/white double overlay is a 5-flower bouquet co..
Rare B1846 Closepack with Flower cane
New Sold
Reference: BAC K368
1846 closepacks rarely appear on the market.  Although there are no Gridel silhouette canes (they were only introduced as of 1847 weights) the cu..
Reference: BAC 03736
A small white double clematis with 12 ridged petals and a stardust & pink bull’s eye stamen. Crowning the flowerhead (which is slightly off-centre..
Facetted Spaced Concentric; Centre Rose
New Sold
Reference: CLI 04401
Centring this attractive spaced concentric design is a pink & green rose, set within rings of green/yellow corrugated canes and pink/white pastry-..
Reference: CLI 04404
A small end-of-day weight with a number of whole complex canes (see composite picture) arranged on a slightly arched canopy showing a good display of ..
Reference: CLI 03112
A large chequer design set over a white lace cushion with a pink & green rose in the centre and a white/pink rose in the first of 2 rows of colour..


Sunday 12th September: .today's update.includes a rare 1846 Baccarat closepack and a couple of Clichy weights...


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