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    A good 2-ring concentric design centred by a complex ruby/white/green millefiori cane. The canes - including a rare turquoise rose plus a pink/green rose - are set on a muslin cushion over parallel latticinio rods.Polished, deeply-concave base with a wide wear ring.  

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    The clear crystal set with a mid-blue dog rose. The stardust and pink concentric stamen is encircled by 5 heart-shaped petals underlaid with white, which extends beyond the blue overlay. Crowning the flowerhead are the tips of 5 green leaves with another 6 on side branches to the stem. Polished concave base with a 32 point star-cut.

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    A canopy of complex millefiori canes - more than 50 altogether - closely packed in a new design.  Variously-coloured rose canes, pansy canes & stylized Japanese anemones are scattered randomly among silhouette canes and 3 & 4-ring tube, cog & star canes in a huge variety of colours.  The canes are arranged over a translucent blue cushion on a...

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    Borne on a single stem over a bed of white upset muslin are 2 yellow lampwork roses, a yellow bud & pale-green leaves. Encircling the design is a border garland of complex blue & white millefiori canes. The weight is finished with a circular top window and 24 side facets in 3 rows. Scratch-signed and numbered on the polished, concave base....

    £ 180.00
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    A perfectly-crafted 4-row concentric set around a yellowish-green star and made up of 6 different types of complex millefiori canes with alternating canes in the 2nd and 4th rows. Colours range from pale-pink, pale-blue & pale-amber to purple, lime-green & orange.The base, which shows considerable signs of wear, is slightly concave with an...

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    The clear crystal set with a hummingbird searching for nectar. The bird - with its metallic green body and forked tail - is hovering in front of 3 lavender-blue flowers growing from a cluster of pale-green leaves together with a single bud. On the same branch is a second cluster of leaves and another 3 buds.Signed & dated: Ayotte Ed./50 ‘90. Polished,...

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    Probably the best-known lampwork design by this artist: the ever-popular spiderlily. This one has a yellow flower with an upright red/yellow “stamen”. It is supported on 4 narrow, two-tone green leaves over a pink jasper ground. The arrangement is set at an angle on a footed pedestal.Signed with a gold-foil “K” on the underside of the jasper ground.  

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    A lampwork design with a red & purple fuchsia flower, 2 buds and green leaves borne on fine pink branches sprouting from a cluster of green leaves. The design is set over a white filigree double spiral. The weight is finished with a circular top facet and 6 side facets.Signed with a pink/white SL 1976 date cane above the cluster of leaves. Polished,...

    £ 340.00

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The paperweight categories on this website are set out according to country, continent or region and list the main glasshouses, studios or artists in alphabetical order.
Antique Paperweights
covers the classic period - considered to be ca. 1845-1865 - and the post-classic period ca. 1870-1930.

Modern Paperweights includes weights made from ca. 1930 to the present day.
Both categories contain a Miscellaneous section for paperweights for which there is no dedicated category or which cannot be attributed with certainty to a particular glassworks or country.


Sunday May 13th: updates today include a couple of antique St Louis paperweights and modern St Louis from the 1970s, 80s & 90s - not all are shown here.

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May 9th: the next NPS meeting is on Saturday, June 30th; the next PCC meeting is Sunday, July 1st. Melissa Ayotte will be the guest speaker at both meetings.

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