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    A beautifully simple design featuring a pale-pink crimp rose - its diaphanous petals streaked with darker-pink - nestled against variegated green leaves. The weight is finished with a top and 5 side facets. Script-signed around the polished, flat base: Sherwin Art Glass 2016. Faceting by Jim Poore.

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    An informal arrangement of showy blooms - in shades of blue, white, yellow, pink & purple - and branched stems entwined with variegated green leaves over a wispy, white ground. Script-signed within the polished, concave base.: E.W. Hansen 2016.

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    The pale-blue-on-white overlay is cut with a large top facet and 12 side facets, arranged in 2 rows, to reveal a single fantasy flower & 4 buds on a bed of white muslin. The lilac, blue & white complex millefiori canes used to create the flower and buds also form the outer garland. The brown lampwork stems bear 7 ribbed leaves.Scratched 1/1 next...

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    A 4-row concentric centred by a large deep-red rose. Purple roses are spaced between pairs of millefiori canes in the 3rd row. The colours of the complex canes - composed of tiny tubes, rods and crimps - range from pastel blues, greens & pinks to red, purple & mustard-yellow. The design is set on a translucent dark-blue cushion above a bed of...

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    A delicate floral arrangement: 2 pale-lilac fantasy flowers in full bloom, one unfurling and a tightly-closed bud set against a “misty” backdrop. Completing the design are brown stems & spiky brown leaves. Finished with a top facet and 6 small circular facets near the top of the weight. Signed with a pink/blue “A” cane at the base of the stems....

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    2 ripe strawberries are placed next to a fully-opened white blossom. The arrangement - set above a strawberry cut base - is completed by 3 tightly-closed buds and green leaves. The weight is finished with a top facet, 4 large oval facets on the sides with pairs of smaller facets set between them. Signed with a small green/white “P” cane.(Only 218 of the...

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    An early scrambled weight with whole and partial millefiori canes in a multi-coloured canopy around a P1975 signature/date cane set in a pale-yellow & white “flower-like” cane. Early weights like this one had a clear ground. Polished, concave base with wear ring

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    Rambling Rose was a Special Limited Edition of 25 weights issued byJay-Glass in 1979 for Spinks. The lampwork flower - with 5 deeply-cupped, pale-pink petals around a complex millefiori cane - is set amidst a 2 stems bearing variegated green leaves. The opaque black ground is, in fact, semi-translucent deep-burgundy!Signed with a “J” cane in the colour...

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Sunday, September 3rd: new insertions today from Paul Ysart - including pre-1940 weights, Monart period (1940/50s), Caithness and Harland

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September 12th: the next major event for weights-n-things will be the National Glass Fair on Sunday, 11th November at the Motorcycle Museum at Junction 6 on the M42 motorway

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