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    The clear glass set with a hummingbird - with a red throat and distinctive green & black plummage - hovering in front of orange blossoms.Signed above the polished, concave base: Ayotte M8 ‘84

    £ 225.00
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    Set against a white ground with a faint hint of pink is a large, double-layered lavender chicory centring an arrangement of pink, white & purple flowers over variegated leaves and curling tendrils. The weight is script-signed and dated M Ayotte ‘19 above the basal rim. Polished, concave base with wide wear ring

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    The frilly flower of a batchelor’s button, a double thistle-like bloom. The blossom is depicted here in graduated shades of pink, together with a half-opened bud and tightly-closed green bud, stems and narrow, pointed leaves over a clear ground.The weight is finished with honeycomb side facets and a concave top facet.Scratch-signed and dated: Daniel...

    £ 310.00
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    A medium-size weight showing a blue/white fantasy flower with upright yellow & orange stamen; together with blue buds & bluish-green leaves it lies on a snowy ground. Script-signed on the polished, flat base: Sherwin Art Glass 2019

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    A flat bouquet inspired by an antique Baccarat design.  A white double clematis, a red/white primrose & 3 blue single clematis blossoms - all with millefiori cane “stamen” - are arranged with stems and green leaves over a translucent amethyst ground. Signed with a B1982 date cane next to the bottom of the stems.  Acid-etched on the polished, concave...

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    Gliding between purple & white flowers is a 3-dimensional light-brown snail. Scattered around the dark-green ground are silver pebbles. Signed with a B1977 date cane. Polished, slightly concave base with acid-etched Baccarat insignia as well as year, edition size & number.Includes original numbered certificate

    £ 280.00
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    Set over a double filigree spiral is a lampwork bouquet composed of 2 large flowers (flamingo-pink & pale-orange) and 2 smaller white & pale-blue flowers.  The arrangement also includes a number of buds and green leaves.  The weight is finished with a large top facet and 24 side facets arranged in 3 rows. Scratch-signed “P”  and numbered on the...

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    A 3-dimensional bouquet with blue, mauve, topaz & lilac flowers & buds, plus 3 bright-red berries, arranged with variegated foliage over a clear ground with a grid & star-cut base.  4 sloping side facets around the top window give the impression of a square-cut weight, although, in total there are 12 different-sized side facets. Signed with a...

    £ 280.00


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The two paperweight categories on this website are: 

Antique Paperweights - covering the classic period - considered to be ca. 1845-1865 - and the post-classic period ca. 1870-1930.
Modern Paperweights - including weights made from ca. 1930 to the present day.
They are set out according to continent, country or region and list the main glasshouses, studios or artists in alphabetical order.
Both categories contain a Miscellaneous section for those paperweights for which there is no dedicated group
or which cannot be attributed with certainty to a particular glassworks or country.




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