1976 Blue & Pistachio Trefoils

WHI 04046

A large weight with pale-blue & pistachio interlaced trefoils over what appears to be a black ground but is, in fact, translucent dark-blue.  The multi-cane trefoils encircle a central pink/white composite cane and loop around white composite canes with a pink centre.  The weight is finished with a circular top facet and 6 side facets.
A 1976 signature/date cane is incorporated in the pale-blue trefoil at ca. 6 o’clock in the main image. Typical Whitefriars base.

£ 130.00

Condition very good; one tiny bubble in the dome
Diameter 87mm - 3 3/8"
Height 50mm - 2"
Year 1976