1981 Mushroom in White D/O (Ed. 500)

MSL 03770

A white-on-green double overlay is cut with a top and 6 circular side facets to reveal a millefiori mushroom. Centred by a cluster of white stardust, the tuft is composed of 6 rows of fine canes in colours ranging from turquoise, pale-green & blue to pink, ochre, white & dark-green. The outer row of millefiori canes is drawn into a tapering stem.
Signed and dated with a pink/white SL1981 cane in the 5th row. Polished, concave base with wear ring. (Includes original certificate)

£ 410.00

Condition as new
Diameter 78mm - 3 1/16"
Height 53mm - 2 1/16"
Year 1981