1982G Pink Pompon - Ed. 300

PER 04238

A deep-pink pompon dahlia - made of white-edged C-canes around a yellow rod stamen - centres this floral arrangement on a translucent ruby cushion within a ruby flash-overlay.  A second, smaller flower, a short curved stem and green, ribbed leaves complete the design.  The weight is finished with a scalloped top facet, 6 large oval side facets and 6 smaller side facets arranged in 2 rows.
Signed with a P1982 cane in the polished, concave base.  (Includes original certificate)
Of the planned edition of 300 only 215 were issued.

£ 220.00

Condition excellent
Diameter 54mm - 2 1/8"
Height 54mm - 2 1/8"
Year 1982