1971 Gridel Squirrel Silhouette (Ed. 1200)

MBA 04126

The weight with the Gridel squirrel was one of the first of the limited edition series, which featured all the famous silhouettes.  Here it is set at the centre of 4 concentric rows of complex millefiori canes.  The blue canes in the second row contain smaller versions of all 18 Gridel silhouettes.  The design is set over a fne layer of white latticinio rods laid parallel to one another.
A B1971 signature/date cane is incorporated in the third row of canes. The flat, polished base bears 2 acid-etched Baccarat insignia, the year (1971) and edition number.

£ 340.00

Condition excellent
Diameter 76mm - 3"
Height 53mm - 2 1/16"
Year 1971