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Richardson, Cathy

Cathy Richardson - Touchstone Glass in Minnesota - first worked as a geologist before turning to art in the mid-1980s and learning about glass at - among other places - the Corning Glass Studio. Initially Cathy made stained glass panels before turning to paperweights. In her work Cathy combines a love of nature with meticulous attention to detail to produce realistic images and draws her inspiration from the sea, shorelines, the desert and flower gardens. Her paperweights are script-signed and dated.

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Reference: RIC 04349
White daffodils with orange trumpets encircle a multi-petalled purple flower against a background of variegated leaves over a clear ground. Scratch-signed and dated around the side of the weight: Cathy Richardson 2020.  Small concave, polished base...
Reference: RIC 04377
The clear glass is set with a delightful lampwork posy: purple & white crocuses and numerous buds are arranged around a central pink flower over a bed of green leaves.Scratch-signed, dated and numbered: Cathy Richardson 2020 1 of 1. Polished, concave base...
Reference: RIC 04348
An arrangement of purple berries & blooms together with bright yellow flowers, buds and dark-green leaves over a clear ground.Signed and dated around the weight: Cathy Richardson 2020. Polished, concave base...
Reference: RIC 04378
Nestled against dark-green, yellow-veined leaves are multi-petalled pink & white peonies in full bloom together with tightly-closed buds and clusters of ripe blueberries over a clear ground.Scratch-signed, dated and numbered around the side of the weight: Cathy Richardson 2020 1/1. Small concave..
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