September 12th: the next major event for weights-n-things will be the National Glass Fair on Sunday, 11th November at the Motorcycle Museum at Junction 6 on the M42 motorway. The fair is open from 10.30am to 4.00pm I hope to have my usual stand at the exit Hall2/entrance Hall 3 - and am looking forward to seeing many regular customers at the event.

September 3rd: meetings at the NPS and PCC this Saturday & Sunday, September 9th & 10th  with American lampwork artist Eric Hansen as guest speaker at both meetings. Forest Hills Hotel in Frodsham will be the venue for the NPS meeting on Saturday, September 9th; the PCC meeting will take place the following day at The Sun Inn, Hook Norton.

May 27th: the summer months tend to be a quieter period as far as paperweights are concerned. The next NPS meeting  will take place on Saturday,July 1st when Tony Graham will be the guest speaker.  News about the venue and time to be announced.

May 9th: the PCC will hold its Spring Meeting this coming Sunday (May 14th) at the Hillscourt Hotel, Rednal. Guest speaker will be Marek Kordasiewicz. Born in Poland, Marek has been an avid collector of antiques, glass and paperweights for over 25 years. He is also the author of the book “Glass Paperweights. The Heritage of the 19th Century Riesengebirge and Isergebirge Glassworks”.

April 10th:
the National Glass Fair will take place on Sunday, May 7th at the Motorcycle Museum near Birmingham (Junction 6 on the M42 motorway). weights-n-things will be present with a good selection of new stock and, hopefully, in the usual spot at the exit Hall2/entrance Hall 3. Doors open 10.30am.

March 2nd: the NPS will hold its first meeting of 2017 on Saturday, April 8th at the Crooklands Hotel near Kendal in the Lake District. The hotel is located quite close to Junction 36 on the M6 motorway. The guest speaker at this meeting will be John Deacons.