Monday September 10th: the next PCC meeting will be on Saturday, October 20th. The venue is the Wheatsheaf Hotel nr Basingstoke.  This will be a members meeting with speakers Tony Graham and Terry Smale.  Start: 2 .00 pm. weights-n-things will be unable to attend this meeting.

Monday, August 6th: the next club meeting will be the NPS autumn meeting on Saturday, September 8th. The venue is the Park Hall Hotel in Charnock Richard. The guest speaker after lunch will be Richard Golding. weights-n things will be present at the meeting.

July 2nd: the summer brings a couple of quiet months for paperweight collectors - the next club meetings will not take place until September and October

June 16th: Melissa Ayotte, one of the leading American lampwork artists, will be guest speaker at the NPS meeting on Saturday, June 30th and at the PCC meeting on Sunday, July 1st.
The NPS meeting will be held at Forest Hills Hotel, Frodsham.
The venue for the PCC meeting is the Mickelover Court Hotel near Derby.
weights-n-things will be present at both meetings.

April 29th: just a reminder about the National Glass Fair which will be held on Sunday, May 6th in the Motorcycle Museum at Junction 6 on the M42 motorway. weights-n-things will be in its usual spot - Stand 51 - at the exit Hall 2/entrance Hall 3. I look forward to seeing all my regular customers.  
The fair will be open from 10.30 to 4.00pm.  Reduced entrance charge for PCC members showing their membership cards.

March 1st: the next paperweight club meeting will be the NPS spring meeting on Saturday 24th March to be held at the Newby Bridge Hotel in Cumbria.

January 13th: the PCC will hold its AGM on Saturday, 24th February and the next Glass Fair @ Knebworth will take place on Sunday, 25th February.
The Annual General Meeting of the PCC will be held at the Red Lion in Whittlesford, near Cambridge.  Arrive for lunch as of 11.30.  The meeting will start at 2pm.  The guest speaker afterwards will be Stephen Foster.
The Glass Fair @ Knebworth will be open from 10.30 to 4pm.  I look foward to seeing all my regular customers...