Sunday August 12th: today's update includes a bit of everything - antique and modern; Clichy, Baccarat, Bohemian, Melissa Ayotte, Whitefriars & Mike Hunter

Sunday, July 29th: updates include Baccarat - both Antique Baccarat and Modern Baccarat - and a couple of John Deacons designs

Sunday, June 24th: new insertions today include a couple of Clichy weights, a post-classic German concentric and some Paul Ysart paperweights

Sunday June 3rd: updates can be found on the Perthshire Annuals page

May 24th: in accordance with the new data protection law (GDPR) weights-n-things has updated its Privacy & Cookie Policy, which is accessible at the foot of every page of this website

 Sunday May 13th: updates today include a couple of antique St Louis paperweights and some modern St Louis from the 1970s, 80s & 90s - not all are shown here...

April 2nd: today’s updates include some new pieces from American artist Ken Rosenfeld and some older work from Scottish artist John Deacons.

March 11th: today’s update includes new designs from Mike Hunter and American millefiori artist Damon MacNaught - as well as paperweights from Paul Ysart, Salvador Ysart & Whitefriars

March 1st: the PCC is hoping to organize a trip later this year to Poland and the Czech Republic to include some of the sites of 19th Century Silesian and Bohemian glassworks.

February 23rd: a reminder that weights-n-things will be at the Glass Fair @ Knebworth this coming Sunday 25th February - stand 13 in Hall 1

January 28th: insertions today include new stock on the Modern St Louis, Perthshire Annuals and Peter McDougall pages and a couple of Antique German weights...

January 27th: tomorrow I hope to be able to upload some new stock on the Modern St Louis, Perthshire Annual and Peter McDougall pages and a couple of Antique German weights...

I’d like to thank everyone for their continued support of weights-n-things... ..and wish you all a peaceful and prosperous 2018