February 23rd: a reminder that weights-n-things will be at the Glass Fair @ Knebworth this coming Sunday 25th February - stand 13 in Hall 1

January 28th: insertions today include new stock on the Modern St Louis, Perthshire Annuals and Peter McDougall pages and a couple of Antique German weights...

January 27th: tomorrow I hope to be able to upload some new stock on the Modern St Louis, Perthshire Annual and Peter McDougall pages and a couple of Antique German weights...

December 27th: the prices on a number of paperweights in the Europe section of Modern Paperweights have been reduced in an END-OF-YEAR SALE - why not check them out...

I’d like to thank everyone for their continued support of weights-n-things... ..and wish you all a peaceful and prosperous 2018

Friday, December 1st: new paperweights on the website on Sunday 3rd December - a few Perthshire Annual editions, two new designs from Mike Hunter and a couple of older weights from Willie Manson

Sunday, October 29th: two American artists feature in today’s updates - beautiful lampwork from Cathy Richardson and millefiori from Drew Ebelhare.

Tuesday, October 17th: I apologize that the website has been unavailable for a couple of days. It has moved to a new server, which I hope will solve the speed problems people have been experiencing lately. I’m currently trying to sort out some of the other problems that have dogged the website since it went online in February !  Please bear with us and continue to check back regularly... 

Sunday, October 8th: time to update the Modern Baccarat page with some of the weights acquired over the last couple of months.

Sunday, September 3rd: new insertions today from Paul Ysart - including pre-1940 weights, Monart period (1940/50s), Caithness and Harland

Sunday 27th August: new insertions today include antique weights from Boston & Sandwich, St. Mandé, Baccarat and Old English & Venetian.

Friday 28th July: new insertions this coming Sunday will include John Deacons designs and some older weights from John in J-Glass.

Sunday, July 16th: insertions today include new weights from Mike Hunter and a number of Perthshire PP designs from 1970 to 2000.

Saturday, July 15th: new insertions on Sunday, July 16th - Mike Hunter and some Perthshire PP designs.

Sunday, July 9th: today's updates include new designs from American lampwork artist Ken Rosenfeld and from two new American artists on my website: Eric Hansen & Chris Sherwin.

Sunday, July 2nd: a couple of single updates today - Melissa AyotteWillie Manson & Whitefriars - plus three new weights from Allan Scott.