Sunday, September 3rd: new insertions today from Paul Ysart - including pre-1940 weights, Monart period (1940/50s), Caithness and Harland

Sunday 27th August: new insertions today include antique weights from Boston & Sandwich, St. Mandé, Baccarat and Old English & Venetian.

Friday 28th July: new insertions this coming Sunday will include John Deacons designs and some older weights from John in J-Glass.

Sunday, July 16th: insertions today include new weights from Mike Hunter and a number of Perthshire PP designs from 1970 to 2000.

Saturday, July 15th: new insertions on Sunday, July 16th - Mike Hunter and some Perthshire PP designs.

Sunday, July 9th: today's updates include new designs from American lampwork artist Ken Rosenfeld and from two new American artists on my website: Eric Hansen & Chris Sherwin.

Sunday, July 2nd: a couple of single updates today - Melissa AyotteWillie Manson & Whitefriars - plus three new weights from Allan Scott.

June 25th: today’s update includes a range of Modern St. Louis weights from the 1970s to 2007 and some old and new designs from Peter McDougall.

June 20th: having promised it a couple of times, this coming Sunday, June 25th, I’ll try to finally upload some Modern St Louis weights and a couple of new & older weights from Peter McDougall.

May 28th: the new insertions on Sunday are a number of limited editions from Perthshire Annual Collections...

May 23rd: new insertions today include American weights from Jim Brown, Ray Banford, Cape Cod, Charles Kaziun JnrClinton Smith and Mayauel Ward.

May 20th: I haven’t finished photographing Modern St. Louis but I will upload some American weights: Jim Brown; Clinton Smith, Charles Kaziun, Ray Banford, Cape Cod & Mayauel Ward in the next couple of days.

May 15th: I’ve received a number of complaints that people are still experiencing a glitches on the website - or are unable to access it. Please contact me by email if you’re having problems...

May 3rd: after the National Glass Fair on Sunday, I hope that next week I’ll have time to upload some new acquisitions including quite a few Modern St. Louis weights and some new American weights.

April 10th: PLEASE NOTE that, owing to business commitments, any orders received during April will not be shipped until the beginning of May.

March 27th: I would like to apologise to those customers who have had difficulties ordering weights on the website. I’m told the problem has now been resolved. If you do have trouble when processing an order, please contact me by email.

March 5th: new insertions today include antique weights from St. Mandé, Clichy, St. Louis and Baccarat.

March 2nd: I hope to be able to insert a few antique Baccarat, Clichy, St. Louis and St. Mandé weights this Sunday, March 5th.

February 18th 2017:  Well it's taken a while - but weights-n-things is online again with a "new look". In case you think it looks very similar, you'll find some new features when browsing and buying ! Please excuse any glitches to begin with - it might take a while for everything to run smoothly...