About us

Welcome to weights-n-things,

Thanks for visiting my site; I hope that - while browsing- you will find something that appeals to you.
I try to offer a wide variety of quality  antique and modern glass paperweights in all price ranges.

As a member of the

Paperweight Collectors Circle (PCC),  (and currently editor of the club's Newsletter)
& Northern Paperweight Society (NPS) - in England -

and as a member and registered dealer of the
Paperweight Collectors Association, Inc (PCA) - in America -

I regularly attend the meetings and events organized by the 2 clubs in England and the biennial PCA Convention in the U.S.

During the time I lived in Germany, I also hosted a number of European meetings with paperweight artists -
for example Jim Brown, Danny Salazar, Cathy Richardson, Mike Hunter, Damon MacNaught and Gordon Smith.

weights-n-things also published the English version of Classic Paperweights from Silesia/Bohemia, the standard reference book on Silesian and Bohemian paperweights,
written by the late German author Peter von Brackel.

weights-n-things is a regular exhibitor at the one-day Glass Fair@Knebworth (formerly the Cambridge Glass Fair) held on a Sunday in February...
and at the National Glass Fair in May and November (also on a Sunday) at the Motorcycle Museum near Birmingham.
Occasionally I also exhibit at other Antique & Collectors Fairs in the UK.

Use the links provided here - or on the Links page - to check the relevant websites for details about becoming a member of the various paperweight organisations
and to find dates of the Glass and Collector's Fairs

My aim is to meet established collectors and, hopefully, encourage new ones!
I’m always on the look-out for new stock to offer on the website...or for that “elusive” weight a collector might be looking for!
If you are searching for a particular paperweight, have any questions or would like to have a damaged weight re-polished, do contact me and I’ll do my best to assist you.

Please bookmark this site and check back regularly.
The Archive pages provide an overview of the broad range of interesting paperweights that have been sold by weights-n-things.