Classic Paperweights from Silesia/Bohemia

REF 1000

A reference book by author Peter von Brackel. He has identified 8 groups of mid-19th Century Classic paperweights from Silesia and Bohemia based on certain characteristics and particular canes, and attributed many of them to specific glassworks: for example to Karlsthal and the Josephinenhütte in Silesia, and Harrach and Egermann in Bohemia. The book also includes chapters on Bussolin paperweights, weights with engraved and etched ruby & amber-stained bases, post-classic weights from Riedl in Bohemia and from unidentified German glassworks in Silesia and Thuringia.
with 600 illustrations of paperweights and related items and over 2,500 images of individual canes - including date, silhouette and rose canes.

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