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Garlanded Double Clematis (PY cane)

YSA 03993

A lampwork double clematis - with 10 pale-blue/white ribbed petals around a red/white millefiori “stamen”.  The short curving stem bears 4 green leaves. Encircling the flower is a continuous border garland of dark-blue/pale-blue complex millefiori canes alternating with dark-green/white canes. The design is set over a translucent dark-green ground.
A green/white PY signature cane is set in the curve of the stem.  Fire-polished base with a central concavity. Attributed to the late 1940/50s Monart period.

Condition immaculate
Diameter 75mm - 2 15/16"
Height 52mm - 2 1/16"