Garlanded 5-flower Bouquet (PY cane)

YSA 03995

Set on a translucent wine-red ground (appears as opaque black!) is a 5-flower bouquet tied with a large blue bow. The purple, pink, orange, blue & white flowers are accompanied by 5 pointed green leaves.  Encircling the bouquet is a garland of green/white/red complex millefiori canes.
Signed with a green/white PY signature cane below the right-hand loop of the blue bow.  Flat, polished base - Caithness period, 1960s.
(For a very similar 6-flower example, see page 77 of Colin Mahoney’s book “Masterworks: The Paperweights of Paul Ysart”).

Condition excellent
Diameter 77mm - 3"
Height 57mm - 2 1/4"