1975 Hawaii (Ed. 450)

MSL 04011

A patterned millefiori design composed of 7 different, relatively simple millefiori canes set in lines over a clear ground.  Colours range from turquoise & pale-blue through dark & pale-green to pink, purple & brick-red. The outer canes are drawn into the base and form a multi-coloured basketThis is a good example of this colourful design; the lines are straight and the canes well-aligned.
A pink/white SL1991 signature/date cane is set on the perimeter.  Polished, concave base.  (Includes original certificate)
Initially St. Louis certificates were numbered, not the edition!  Hence this certificate bears the number 1185 with the information that in 1975 when this weight was made, a total of 1800 paperweights had been produced. This numbering system was changed in 1978.

Condition excellent
Diameter 77mm - 3"
Height 55mm - 2 1/8"
Year 1975