Peace Lilies - Ed. 150 (2000)

MAN 04134

This lampwork design - 2 white/yellow peace lilies within an emerald-green flash overlay - was commissioned by the CPC to commemorate the millennium.  Peace lilies are not actually lilies at all but produce flowers resembling those of the calla lily.  The weight has a concave top window, 8 large side facets and 16 smaller facets above the base, which is finished with a 36-point star-cut.
Signed with a WM cane and a CPC 2000 cane at the base of the stem.  Scratch-signed around the wear ring: William Manson Snr. 2000 29/150
The Cambridge Paperweight Circle (CPC) was the forerunner of the Paperweight Collectors Circle (PCC)

Condition as new
Diameter 75mm - 2 15/16"
Height 58mm - 2 1/4"
Year 2000