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Alkuna 1/1 (2018)

TWI 04006

Slightly larger than Mike’s usual closepacks, this stunning paperweight contains an assortment of intricate millefiori canes including rose canes (dark-red, yellow, mauve, white), a stylized white Japanese anemone, yellow pansies, butterfly & other silhouettes and a clown’s face at the centre of a colourful composite cane.  The canes are set on a translucent blue cushion above a base of white staves.
An MH signature cane is incorporated within the design.  The flat, polished base is scratch-signed: M. Hunter Twists 18, numbered 1/1 and inscribed “Alkuna”

Condition new
Diameter 75mm - 2 15/16"
Height 51mm - 2"