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Roscaro 1/1 (2017)

TWI 03897

A 4-row concentric centred by a large deep-red rose. Purple roses are spaced between pairs of millefiori canes in the 3rd row. The colours of the complex canes - composed of tiny tubes, rods and crimps - range from pastel blues, greens & pinks to red, purple & mustard-yellow. The design is set on a translucent dark-blue cushion above a bed of white corrugated staves.
An MH signature cane is embedded in the polished base, which is also script-signed M. Hunter, dated ‘17 and numbered 1 of 1. Inscribed: Roscaro.

Condition new
Diameter 70mm - 2 3/4"
Height 49mm - 1 15/16"
Edition 1/1
Year 2017