1993 Vitrail Bleu Translucide (Ed. 150)

MBA 03764

A sapphire-blue lined white tube is set in the centre of a deep-purple ground (although it appears black !). Similar tubes of differing sizes are arranged around it in spaced rings or interlocking arcs - depending on how you look at it. The effect of light shining through the tubes creates a mesmerizing pattern with tremendous depth.
A B1993 signature/date cane is placed in the outer row of tubes. Acid-etched on the flat, polished base is the Baccarat insignia, the number & edition size (31/150) and the year. (Includes original certificate)

Condition as new
Diameter 83mm - 3 1/4"
Height 60mm - 2 3/8"
Edition 31/150
Year 1993