Closepack in Basket (1986)

PAR 02249

Typical Parabelle canes including 2 silhouettes - a red squirrel on white & a white rabbit on blue - 2 white roses, 2 orange pansies, bell canes, stars plus heart canes in various colours. The loosely-packed, colourful canopy of millefiori canes is enclosed in a basket of alternating blue & white flattened staves over clear. A wide basal rim surrounds the relatively small, polished, concave base.  
A red, blue & white PB1986 signature/date cane is placed 3 rows in at approx. 6 o’clock in the main image.

Condition excellent
Diameter 81mm - 3 3/16"
Height 59mm - 2 5/16"