Overlaid Yellow Crimp Rose

MIS 04142

Francis Whittemore
Francis Whittemore was a scientific glassblower before he started making paperweights in the early 1960s.  He continued to make paperweights until the mid 1970s.

The pale-blue overlay of this miniature weight is cut with a top facet and - somewhat unusual - 4 side facets to reveal a beautiful, 15-petalled yellow crimp rose surrounded by 4 dark-green sepals.  The colour of the rose is more of a lemon-yellow rather than a golden yellow.
The signature cane on the underside of the rose has a black “W” on a yellow ground.  Polished, flat base.

Condition very good; a minor imperfection on one of the side facets
Diameter 51mm - 2"
Height 41mm - 1 5/8"