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VEN K242

Strictly speaking not a paperweight - but either the top of a ceremonial cane or possibly what is known as a “witch ball” - plain or decorated glass spheres hung in windows to ward off evil spirits or suspended from the rafters for decorative effect. This one is certainly most decorative with its swirling white and yellow latticinio and filigree cables alternating with red twists. Possibly made before the 1840s, although they were popular throughout the 19th century. The hole at the bottom would have been filled with wax or a metal hook so that it could be suspended ..or perhaps it was the ornamental knob at the top of a cane.
(Illustrated on page 20 of Robert Hall’s book “World Paperweights, Millefiori & Lampwork”).


Condition excellent
Diameter 67 mm - 2 5/8"
Height 55 mm - 2 1/8"