Faceted Mushroom - Blue Torsade

STL 03817

The concentric mushroom is composed of 3 concentric rows of complex millefiori canes in shades of blue/white, salmon-pink and red/white framing a central floret. The tuft is contained in a basket of green/white corrugated canes centred by white stars and is set within a torsade of twisted white filigree enclosed by cobalt-blue spirals.  The weight has a large, circular top facet and 3 rows of small fingerprint facets.
The polished, concave base is finished with a 24-point star-cut.
(The mushroom is not perfectly centred)

£ 1,100.00

Condition excellent
Diameter 83mm - 3 1/4"
Height 54mm - 2 1/8"