Deacons, J.+C.

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All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows typical examples of the work of John & Craig Deacons.

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  • A medium-size weight centred by a red-aventurine bodied butterfly on white lace over a pale-yellow ground. The outstretched blue wings have lemon & black markings close to the body and similar “eye-spots” at the tips. The insect is enclosed within a garland of pale-yellow & purple Clichy-style rose canes separated by white complex millefiori canes...

  • A small triple overlay - purple on white on pale-blue - encasing a canopy of closely-packed millefiori canes with the outer row pulled into the base. The colourful complex canes include 3 silhouettes - 2 birds and a dog. The overlay is cut with a top facet and 24 oval facets set in 2 rows.Signed with a JD cane within the design. Polished, concave base.

  • A beautifully simple design centred by a pink/purple fuchsia blossom on a bed of white upset muslin. The lampwork flower, with its leaves and stem, is set within a finely-twisted blue & white torsade and a border garland of complex millefiori stardust canes.Signed with a JHD 2016 cane in the centre of the polished, concave base.

  • Spaced around a complex millefiori centre cane on a bed of white muslin are another 12 canes - including 3 rose canes, a butterfly cane and silhouettes of a bird and a deer. The blue flash overlay is finished with a large circular top facet with a pie-crust edge. Between each of the 5 side facets is a spray cut.A JD 2015 signature/date cane is set in the...

  • The green-on-blue double overlay is cut with a top and 7 side facets to reveal a gold-aventurine bodied butterfly on a bed of white muslin. The outstretched lavender wings have black & yellow markings. The insect is encircled by a border garland of complex pale-pink and green millefiori canes.Signed with a JHD 2015 cane in the polished, concave base.  

  • Predominantly pastel-coloured millefiori canes - including Clichy-style roses, snowflakes, 8-point stars, cogs,cruciform and corrugated canes as well as complex canes filled with thistle silhouettes - are strewn over a translucent, mottled blue ground.Polished, concave base.  

  • A good 5-row concentric encircled by a pale-amber/white stave basket, which is drawn underneath the weight. Apart from the row of white/pale-blue rose canes, all the millefiori canes are composed of white stars - some as stardust canes, others are coated with coral-pink, blue and purple.Signed with a JHD 2013 signature/date cane in the centre of the...

  • An attractive, small mauve-on-white double overlay enclosing a canopy of closely-packed millefiori canes on a translucent cranberry colour ground. The colourful complex canes include 3 silhouettes (bird, mountain goat, dog), 2 picture canes (a 4-leaf clover & a thistle) and 5 rose canes. The double overlay is cut with a top facet, a row of 5 circular...

  • A border garland of 9 pale-pink & green Clichy-style roses - between short red, white & blue twists - encloses 3 rows of colourful millefiori canes around a complex centre cane. The design is set over a translucent, mottled amethyst ground. Signed with a JD cane within the design.Polished, concave base with a wide basal rim.

  • Alternating pale-pink and pale-yellow filigree twists - set in a black ground - radiate out from a large, blue-centred pink & green Clichy-style rose, to meet on the underside of the weight.A JD 2011 signature/date cane is set in the small, polished, concave base.

  • Being a difficult colour to work in glass, white is seldom used as a colour ground but here John and Craig have put it to great effect in a simple but eye-catching design. Pastel-coloured millefiori canes - enclosed in a deeper blue garland - surround a centre butterfly cane with opaque pink & blue wings dotted with green eyespots.Polished, concave...

  • An assortment of multi-coloured millefiori canes including Clichy-style pink/green, white/green & white/pink roses, numerous two-coloured pansies and 5 silhouettes (a bird, squirrel, mountain goat, rooster and a dog). In addition, there are shamrock, thistle, complex arrow, star and cog canes. The stave basket is made of mid-blue & white staves...

Showing 1 - 12 of 55 items