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All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows a few examples of the small number of paperweights this glasshouse produced.

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  • An 8-lobed white feature cane filled with a second one and a circle of fine yellow filaments centres 5 rows of millefiori canes. A row of fine white crimps is followed by a second row lined in lavender. The next 2 rows contain pink-filled white ruffles and alternating blue and white ruffles...while pale-green staves give a green shimmer to the outer row...

  • Attribution was difficult on this one, but the central deep-pink and white ruffle/flower cane matches exactly the Antique Gillinder Lot 95 in L.H. Selman’s Auction 43 (Spring 2009). Apart from the first row of white/dark-green crimps, all the other canes - 8-lobed white or pink single ruffles - contain a single cane: blue ruffles, white crimps & pink...

  • A central red/white swirling-cane within a 14-point crimped cog - is surrounded by 7 pink-lined white crimps and an outer garland with 7 pairs of white/pink and white/teal canes - set like spokes - alternating with 7 larger 14-point crimps containing wispy pink & white double ruffles. The intense pink appears to “bleed” into the white crimps, lending...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items