St. Louis

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This page shows the range of 19th Century designs associated with this renowned French glasshouse.

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  • Set in a ring of serrated green leaves is a 5-flower bouquet composed of lampwork and millefiori canes. There are 2 millefiori canes (one with 8 peach/green anchor canes around a red & white star, the other a black-lined, white corrugated cane containing 4 pink fortress canes). The lampwork flowers are dark red, white and - in the centre - a large,...

  • Miniature crowns are far less common than their larger counterparts. Radiating out from a complex centre cane with blue-and-white florets, green crimps and a red-and-white star in a white collar, 9 red & green spiral ribbons - edged in opaque white - alternate with white multi-ply latticinio twists. Polished ,concave base with a narrow basal rim.

  • A perfectly-shaped deep-pink flower - the petals formed from numerous recessed-tubes set around a “stamen” of fine yellow rods - is borne on a short, curved green stem. The stem bears 2 leaves with 2 further leaves about the flower as well as a pink bud. Set over a double-swirl latticinio ground. Polished, concave base with a wide basal rim.

  • A mid-size, concentric featuring a centre set-up with blue, white & red florets and green crimps. This is encircled by 2 rows of complex canes; pale salmon tubes enclosing pale green crimps and a row similar to the complex centre cane. Rows 3 and 4 display green-centred white crimps and blue-centered peach-coloured crimps. The white-and-green canes in...

  • 12 red & green ribbons, edged with white, alternate with 12 white latticinio spirals in this excellent mid-size crown. The twisted ribbons and latticinio radiate out from a central floret composed of a row of white cogs and a row of white crimps around a white, green-sheathed star.Polished, slightly concave base.  

  • Almost in the miniature category, the clear glass of this beautiful weight is set with a white camomile composed of numerous rows of feathery, recessed petals with a pale-lemon stamen. The curved stem bears 2 serrated leaves and arranged behind the flower are 2 further leaves and a white-and-green bud.Set on a deep-pink double-swirl basket.  

  • A fruit weight with 3 pears (one green; two 2 russet-coloured) and 3 ripe cherries, set amidst a cluster of serrated emerald green leaves in a double-spiral white latticinio basket.Polished, concave base.

  • Green-lined white crimp canes enclose 5 rows of large pink & white cross canes, blue & green complex canes and florets. The large centre set-up consists of 2 rows of pink & white and pure white canes around a blue 12-point star set in a red-lined white tube. Although very slightly off-centre, the design is extremely tidy with none of the...

  • A top circular window and 6 side facets reveal 3 upright green leaves around a centre cluster of stylized flowers including a ribbed 4-petal white flower, a 5-petal red flower and 2-petal blue flower plus 2 florets - a complex blue & white millefiori cane and a red/white/blue 6-point star. Encircling the base is a torsade with a multi-strand white...

  • The centre complex of the tuft consists of a small blue star with white collar surrounded by pale green star tubes and red/white/blue bull’s eye canes. This is encircled by white stardust clusters; a row of complex red. white & blue canes; 2 rows of crimped tubes (white and pale blue), both lined in salmon pink. The stem is formed from complex...

  • A fine concentric mushroom, with none of the slippage so often found in dated St. Louis weights. The tuft is composed of 5 rows of complex canes in pink, blue, chartreuse, white, claret and green tones; signed in the outer row SL 1848. The mushroom is encircled at the foot by a white corkscrew and blue torsade and is set over a 16-point star-cut...

  • Approx. 12 whole canes - plus a black & white dancing lady silhouette - partial canes and ribbons, twists and filigree in colours ranging from ruby, cobalt blue and forest green to pistachio, tangerine and turquoise on a cushion of upset muslin. Not a close-packed scrambled, more like a “scattered”.Polished, concave base.  

Showing 1 - 12 of 44 items