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An overview illustrating the range of designs produced by this French glasshouse in the mid-19th Century.

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  • A delightful miniature weight with a central millefiori arrangement consisting of 6 purple, green & white corrugated canes & a white stardust cane with pink centre, encircled by an outer garland of 5 pairs of the rarer type of white-and-red roses with green “stamen” set between green & white pastry mould canes. On a clear ground...

  • A spaced concentric on a turquoise colour ground featuring 5 pairs of white roses with translucent pale-green sepals set between coral pink-and-white pastry mould canes encircling a green-and-white centre cane and an inner ring of ruby-and-white pastry mould canes. Polished, concave base with basal rim.

  • Surrounding a perfectly-shaped pink & green centre rose are 16 vibrantly-coloured millefiori canes set chequer style, separated by short sections of latticinio cable over the typical Clichy cushion with strips of latticinio laid parallel to one another. Polished, concave base with a narrow wear rim.

  • A well set-up chequer - centred by a white & deep-burgundy cane - on a bed of upset muslin with latticinio strips separating the 18 canes. In addition to the deep-pink & green  rose in the lst row, the weight contains a  white shard rose with pale-purple sepals, “hidden” in the complex cobalt-blue/pink/white millefiori cane...

  • An attractive miniature cut with a circular top window and 5 side facets to reveal a perfectly-shaped central white-and-pink rose framed by 9 green & white corrugated canes with a border garland of 5 pink-and-green roses set between pairs of aubergine, white & green pastry-mould canes.A narrow basal rim surrounds the concave, polished base.

  • A 3-row spaced concentric; 6 pink/green roses - separated by white & red millefiori canes - form a border garland around a central a pink pastry mould cane, which is  encircled by 2 further rows of pastry moulds in shades of green and aubergine.The weight is cut with a circular top window and 6 side facets and has a polished, concave base.

  • A spaced concentric featuring a slightly off-centre, very large pink-and-green rose framed by 2 rows of millefiori canes. The first row - composed of 9 green-and-pink pastry mould canes - is encircled by a garland of 10 white-and-green roses (set in pairs) between pink- and-white ribbed canes filled with pale-green concentric tubes. Set on a dark-blue...

  • Clear crystal encasing a most attractive, well set-up miniature concentric millefiori pattern. Soft, muted tones in the outer garland: 5 pale-green bull’s eyes & white and blue florets between pairs of pale-pink corrugated canes; in the centre - a splash of stronger colour: 5 royal blue, red & white pastry mould canes around a white &...

  • A 3-row spaced concentric with a deep-purple & white pastry mould cane set within a ring of green, white & pink rod-and-star canes...and a second ring composed of 10 pink/green roses. In the outer garland 6 white & turquoise corrugated canes alternate with smaller, white & ruby complex millefiori canes.Cut with a top and 6 side facets. A...

  • White & green roses in the centre of a design are seen less frequently than pink & green roses and this delightful miniature - set on an opaque turquoise ground - has the added attraction that the white & green centre rose is accompanied by 5 pairs of green-centred white roses in the border garland alternating with complex burgundy, white...

  • The clear ground set with a central green, white and red floret within a circle of aubergine pastry-mould canes. The centre cluster is completed by a ring of 13 pink/green roses ! Forming the outer garland are white stardust canes separated by 6 large claret, white and green florets.A polished, concave base with generous basal rim.  

  • A true miniature with a spaced garland of 8 pink, blue, white, green & aubergine millefiori canes - including a well-formed pink-and-green rose - encircling a very large white, ruby and pink pastry-mould feature cane.The concave base is polished, and has a narrow basal rim.  

Showing 1 - 12 of 68 items