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All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows typical examples of post-classic paperweights attributed to Baccarat-Dupont.

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  • A well-set concentric with 4 rows of complex millefiori canes encircling a white-collared blue star cane .  The millefiori canes are in shades of pink, white, lemon & pale orange. The polished base is slightly concave with a wide wear ring.

  • A well made Baccarat Dupont 4-row concentric encircling a white & green 6-point star cane. The millefiori canes are in shades of red & white, blue & white and an outer garland of green & white stardust canes centred by red/white concentric tubes. The second row consists of composite canes made up of 23 pale-green & pink stars - one of...

  • A neatly set up 4-row millefiori concentric encircling a complex 3-row pink, white & blue miniature concentric cane in the centre! The majority of canes are stars or have star centres - in white, green, pink & white, blue & white - with green bull’s eyes centring the canes in the 3rd and 4th rows.Narrow basal rim around a slightly concave, polished base.  

  • A high-domed weight enclosing 2 interlaced trefoils of complex blue/white stars and green/white/pink corrugated canes looped around an inner ring of white/pink/blue canes and a central pink/white/green corrugated cane containing pink/blue and pink/green arrow canes.  All the complex canes are well made and the whole design - over clear ground - is neatly...

  • The clear glass is set with four rows of well-made, complex canes (mainly stars and bull’s eyes) - in shades of topaz, green, royal-blue, pink and white - arranged around a white plaque bearing the spurious date 1848! The 1 is opaque blue and the other 3 numerals are translucent pink !Polished, concave base.  

  • Looped around a miniature “primrose” with 6 blue & red-outlined arrow cane “petals” encircled by forest-green & white corrugated canes are 2 interlaced millefiori trefoils in shades of pink/white and pink/orange with white stardust and green bull’s eye centres.Set over a clear ground with a polished, concave base and...

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items