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All the paperweights illustrated below have been sold.

This page shows examples of the type of paperweights produced by this famous French glasshouse.

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  • Evenly spaced over a white upset muslin cushion, interwoven with a couple of pink and blue filigree rods, are 18 typical Baccarat millefiori canes, including 8 Gridel silhouettes - hunter, pelican (both rarely seen), black stag, goat, dog, rooster, white squirrel & lovebirds - and a flower cane generally referred to as a flax.  5 of the other canes...

  • A 2-row miniature concentric on clear set around a red/white/green composite fortress/arrow cane.  The outer row is composed of complex white & green corrugated canes with pale-yellow rods in the centre whereas the 8 white cog canes in the inner row enclose tiny white, pink & green rosettes. Polished, concave base with wear rim.

  • The clear glass set with interlacing trefoils around a central complex blue & white star cane encircled by a ring of ruby & white millefiori canes. One of the garlands is composed of red-lined white cogs; the other garland has blue & white composite canes. Polished, concave base with narrow wear ring.

  • The tuft of the mushroom is composed of typical Baccarat millefiori canes - including whorls, honeycombs, fortress, shamrock and different types of arrow canes - in turquoise, green, blue, red, salmon-pink and white.  The outer canes are pulled into a tapered stem over a star-cut.  A coiled dark-blue spiral wrapped around a white filigree cable forms a...

  • A mid-size weight with short segments of filigree, lengths of ribbon and twists in ruby, pink, blue yellow & bright-green - laid in the typical Baccarat style - under a high dome. Polished concave base with a narrow wear ring.

  • A medium-size closepack with an arched canopy of millefiori canes which rises well into the dome. Set over an opaque white cushion the assortment of typical Baccarat canes includes shamrock & leaf canes with fortress centres, different types of arrow canes, numerous stars, whorls, bull’s eyes and red trefoils. The lower canes extend into the base.The...

  • The clear crystal set with a well-centred anemone; the 6 deeply-ribbed white petals, edged in red, encircle a pink bull's eye & white stardust centre. Crowning the flowerhead are 4 green leaves; the short curved stalk bears 2 more leaves.The polished, concave base is finished with a small 16-point star-cut.

  • A fine, large spaced design with 18 complex millefiori canes set evenly around a green, blue, white & ruby centre cane on a white muslin cushion, which rises high in the dome. Interwoven in the base of the cushion are a couple of blue, green & red ribbons. Amongst the colourful millefiori are 6 different types of arrow canes.  Polished, concave...

  • A good miniature closepack with a varied assortment of typical Baccarat canes including a single Gridel silhouette (the stag), a large 6-point white star, a variety of different complex star canes, quatrefoils & bundled rods. The canes are set on shorts lengths of latticinio.Polished, concave base with a wear ring.

  • Centring the millefiori design is a complex red/white arrow cane ringed by red/white pastry mould canes. Spaced around the central motif over clear ground are 3 circlets of white stardust canes and 3 circlets of red/white/green star canes. The dome is raised on a foot encircled by a torsade of red twisted ribbon entwined in a fine white latticinio...

  • An amethyst filigree butterfly with multi-coloured millefiori fore and hind wings set over clear star-cut ground. The insect is encircled by a garland of alternating red & white cog canes. The weight is finished with a large circular top facet and 6 side facets. Polished, concave base with a wear ring.

  • An attractive lampwork pansy with purple upper petals and buttercup-yellow, black-veined lower petals with purple blotches encircling a white stardust & pink bull’s-eye centre. The side branches of the short, curving stem bear numerous leaves and a small yellow & purple bud. 4 further leaves are set around the flower. The clear crystal is cut with...

Showing 1 - 12 of 64 items