Other Countries

Apart from the mainstream European and American makers, in a number of Other Countries artists and studios have produced - and in some cases still are producing - collector-quality paperweights. For instance, the excellent bouquets and floral designs made by artists in New Zealand and Australia and, of course, abstract designs from Scandinavia. Increasingly, paperweights from Eastern Europe are appearing on the market, as well as the “old favourites” from Murano, Malta and, of course, from China.

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  • Byers, Andrew
    New Zealand artist Andrew Byers was brought up on the South Island in Christchurch, the city where he still lives and works today and the city in which the country’s only glass factory was located. It was here that he first saw hot glass being worked in the late 1970s. He began making lampwork in the mid-1980s and opened his own studio at the age of 19. A master class given by Paul Stankard in 2000, encouraged him to start making paperweights - which allowed him to combine his love of nature with his love of working with glass. His paperweights usually contain a small black & white AB signature cane and are scratch-signed and dated.

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