Ward, Mayauel

Mayauel Ward, a native Californian, strives to capture nature in his paperweights; he creates bouquets of delicate flowers, aquariums and desert environments. Like so many other artists he started his glassmaking career at Correia Art Glass and later went to work at Abelman Glass Studio. Mayauel began making lampwork paperweights in 1987. In his early weights he used a “W” cane, but found that it tended to interfere with the design. Since 1994 he has signed and dated his paperweights either on the side or on the polished base.

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    A miniature spherical weight: bright-yellow, pale-mauve & blue/white striped wildflowers together with clusters of red berries, ripe blueberries and a trailing root system are set in an attractive arrangement of nature’s bounty and encased in clear crystal.Scratch-signed and dated around the side: Mayauel Ward 2011. Small, polished concave base.  

    £ 270.00
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