Stankard, Paul

Paul Stankard - who has earned an international reputation with his realistic lampwork depictions of nature - flowers, fruit, insects - first began experimenting with paperweights between 1969 and 1971. Gradually he honed his technical skills. At the back of his mind was always his desire to make beautiful things. With his “Botanical” series in the early 1980s he pioneered new paperweight shapes. He introduced word canes, such as "FERTILE" and "SEEDS" and his "earth spirits". Over the years he has used numerous signature canes. His botanicals and paperweights are often also scratch-signed, inscribed and dated on the side or on the base.

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  • Framing three St Anthony’s fire blossoms in this arrangement of flowers and berries are yellow blossoms with upright orange stamen, white foxgloves and three ripe blackberries.  Green stems and leaves complete the bouquet.Signed on the side with a red “S” initial cane. Scratch-numbered A441 and dated 1979.

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