Rosenfeld, Ken

Ken Rosenfeld first came into contact with paperweights when he worked at Correia Art Glass in southern California. He experimented with new ideas and by the mid- 80s he started to create his own designs. Ken's meticulously detailed lampwork designs include flowers, floral bouquets, fruit and vegetables. Earlier weights often had an "R" signature cane on the side of the dome and were generally fully signed - or had a KR monogram - and dated. More recent weights usually have an "R" signature cane and a date cane under the motif.

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    A pink convolvulus with upright yellow stamen, 3 tightly closed pink buds, a yellow & a purple flower make an attractive bouquet in a nest of green leaves. The lampwork design is set on a translucent dark-blue ground.The weight has an “R” signature cane and is monogrammed and dated: KR 2000. Polished, concave base.

    £ 299.00
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    A 3-dimensional bouquet over a clear ground composed of purple freesias, clusters of small red berries and white roses arranged with variegated leaves and curling tendrils. Signed on the side of the dome with a blue/white KR 2017 cane. Polished, concave base.

    £ 320.00
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    Floating on the surface of a pool between 3 green lily pads are two pink waterlilies in full bloom as well as a tightly closed bud.Embedded in the side of the weight are an “R” signature cane and a 2018 date cane.  Polished, concave base.

    £ 325.00
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    A delightful floral arrangement with a spray of yellow-centred, purple freesias cascading around a bright-blue clematis with long, upright blue anthers and an aster with a red & yellow central disk surrounded by pale-lilac rays. Green stalks and curling tendrils complete the arrangement, which is set over an opaque white ground.Signed on the underside...

    £ 310.00
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items