Richardson, Cathy

Cathy Richardson - Touchstone Glass in Minnesota - first worked as a geologist before turning to art in the mid-1980s and learning about glass at - among other places - the Corning Glass Studio. Initially she made stained glass panels before turning to paperweights. In her work she combines a love of nature with meticulous attention to detail to produce realistic images and draws her inspiration from the sea, shorelines, the desert and flower gardens. Her paperweights are signed and dated.

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    A bouquet of lampwork yellow & purple blooms - with a hint of scarlet - nestled against yellow-veined and variegated lanceolate leaves. The beautiful arrangement floats within a clear glass encasement enhanced by floral & foliage motifs, sand-carved in the frosted surface and is viewed through the flat, polished top facet. Scratch-signed, dated...

    £ 1,250.00
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    The clear glass is set with sprays of blue grape hyacinths between orange & yellow striped buds and yellow-veined green leaves. The colourful floral arrangement is centred by an orange-yellow flower in full bloom. Scratch-signed, dated and numbered around the middle of the weight: Cathy Richardson 2017 1 of 1. Polished, concave base.

    £ 310.00
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    Set against a profusion of pointed, yellow-veined leaves in this attractive miniature one-off design are 3 golden-yellow roses in full bloom plus a bud, just about ready to open. The lampwork design is over a clear ground. .Signed and dated around the middle of the weight: Cathy Richardson 2016 1 of 1. Polished, concave base.  

    £ 250.00
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    A miniature weight with a lampwork arrangement of pink roses and sprays of purple freesias about to burst into flower. Completing the design are small pale-green variegated leaves.Scratch-signed, dated and numbered around the weight: Cathy Richardson 2015 1/1. Small concave, polished base.

    £ 240.00
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items