Lundberg Studios

From modest beginnings, Lundberg Studios - originally established by James Lundberg in 1970 - created the “California Style” - a cross between surface-decorated techniques and French-style lampwork. The studio opened the door to a new generation of glass artists - Steven Lundberg, David Salazar, Chris Buzzini, and Daniel Salzar, who started his apprenticeship there in the mid-1970s. Weights are normally signed, dated and numbered. Many of Daniel’s weights also have a D.S. monogram on the underside of the colour ground.

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    The frilly flower of a batchelor’s button, a double thistle-like bloom. The blossom is depicted here in graduated shades of pink, together with a half-opened bud and tightly-closed green bud, stems and narrow, pointed leaves over a clear ground.The weight is finished with honeycomb side facets and a concave top facet.Scratch-signed and dated: Daniel...

    £ 310.00
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