Kaziun, Charles Jr.

Charles Kaziun (1919-1992) - or Charles Kaziun Jr. as he is sometimes referred to - was one of the pioneers involved in re-discovering the techniques of the old French glassworks. By the mid-1940s he was making a wide range of millefiori paperweights (many including silhouettes), lampwork and related items, such as scent bottles. He perfected the art of miniaturization and created the most amazing detail in the smallest of spaces. During his lifetime he used a large variety of “K” signature canes. His later work often contains, in addition to the signature cane, a small gold foil “K”, embedded on the underside of the weight or colour ground.

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    A pale-blue siderlily with red-ribbed petals around an upright yellow, black & orange “stamen” is centrally placed on 4 narrow, two-tone green leaves over a peach-coloured ground sprinkled with goldstone and underlaid with opaque white. The weight is tilted on a footed pedestal. A gold-foil “K” signature is embedded in the underside of the white underlay.

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    The spiderlily design was produced in an infinite variety of colours and colour grounds - here as a 6-petalled white flower with a purple throat and an upright yellow “stamen”.  The flower is borne on 4 narrow leaves over a sparkling gold-coloured ground underlaid with opaque white.The sphere is set at an angle on a footed pedestal.  Signed with a...

    £ 170.00
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