Ebelhare, Drew

Drew Ebelhare is one of the few artists today to have mastered the art of pulling complex millefiori canes for his distinctive range of paperweights. He first became interested in millefiori in 1983 and in that same year he began to create cane weights. Those first canes, of course, were relatively crude compared with the fine work he is producing today, but by 1990 he was creating quality weights. His “E” signature cane has changed a number of times over the years and is now usually found as part of a complex millefiori cane. His weights are generally scratch-signed and dated on the base.

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    A low-domed closepack with colourful and complex millefiori canes enclosed in a basket of multi-coloured staves which are drawn into the base of the weight.  Two of the canes are centred by shamrock silhouettes; another one has a tiny orange/green flower silhouette. Script-signed Ebelhare and dated 10-98 on the flat, polished base.

    £ 199.00
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