Cape Cod

William Burchfield (1942-2012) originally set up Cape Cod Glass Works in 1976 in Massachusetts. He had first become interested in glass while working at the Pairpoint Glass Company in the early 1970s. The first signature cane in his paperweights bore the initials WBC. In 1990, the CCGW signature cane with a two digit date was introduced and in 1992 rose canes containing the initials wBc were added. The company made a wide range of quality, collectable weights - crowns, marbries, millefiori, scrambleds and crimp roses. The company was closed down in 2000 and William Burchfield moved to Tennessee.

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    A 3-colour marbrie with alternating muted pink, white & dark-blue swags crowned by a cluster of complex pink & white millefiori canes centred by a purple & green rose. The cluster includes a CCGW 95 signature/date cane and a second one marked PCA 95 to commemorate the fact that this limited edition was created for the Paperweight Collectors...

    £ 250.00
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    A scrambled weight with a white/green rose in the centre and 6 other whole canes scattered amongst the predominantly pink, green & red twists & ribbons, with just a couple of hints of dark-blue and sprinkled gold aventurine. Signed indistinctly in a pink/white cane with the faint initials “BMM”, which was used for a series of weights made for the...

    £ 160.00
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items