Buzzini, Chris

Chris Buzzini joined the Orient & Flume Art Glass Studio in the early 1970s before going to Lundberg Studios and Correia Art Glass, where he worked from 1983 to 1986. Years of experience and study allowed him to develop his lampworking skills and in 1986 he set up his own studio. His beautiful and botanically-correct designs have kept him at the forefront of paperweight making. In his early weights - usually small limited editions - he used a signature cane with his name and a two digit date. Since ca. 1990 he has been signing and dating his weights on the side, often with an inscription, or more recently, with a number. Most of his later weights are 1/1 designs.

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  • The clear glass is set with a curving brown vine bearing blue morning glories.  2 of the trumpet-shaped flowers are in full bloom, the other three are still tightly furled. Completing the design are green leaves and brown tendrils. A white/green signature/date cane is set on the underside of one of the leaves.  The weight is additionally scratch-signed:...

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