Brown, Jim

Jim Brown was certainly a “late starter” in the paperweight world. Eventually his interest in collecting paperweights was no longer enough - he wanted to create them himself ! Beginning in 2000 he first acquired the technical knowledge to work with glass and spent hours learning how to make the millefiori canes he had so admired in antique weights. His great variety of canes and range of weights - concentrics, closepacks and panelled - have a look of classic Bacchus while his carpet grounds are reminiscent of antique St. Louis. Early weights are scratch-signed on the base; later he incorporated a “B” signature cane in the design.

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    A mid-size 3-row concentric set in a basket of ivory & pale-amber staves. The complex millefiori centre cane is encircled by 3 rows of canes: green crimps, white & blue crimps and blue, white & ochre crimps alternating with white 6-pointed stars. The weight is finished with a circular top facet and 5 deep-cut side facets. Signed with a "B"...

    £ 185.00
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