Ysart Brothers/Vasart

Salvador Ysart, together with his sons Vincent and Augustine, set up Ysart Brothers Glass in 1946 after they left Moncrieff. Originally from Spain, the family arrived in Scotland in 1915. Salvador joined Moncrieff Ltd. in Perth in 1921 and by 1925 his 4 sons were apprenticed to him in the Monart shop. Paperweights never featured prominently in Salvador’s work - and very few were signed with his "Y" cane. In the mid 50s - after the death of Salvador and Augustine - Vincent renamed the company Vasart Glass and continued to produce paperweights - among other millefiori items - mainly for the gift trade. In 1964 Vasart Glass was acquired by William Teacher & Sons - the whisky distillers. New premises were built in Crieff and the name changed to Strathearn.

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    This 4-row concentric - set on an opaque pale-green ground with splashes of yellow - is one of the few signed paperweights from Salvador Ysart !  The canes, which all have a central coloured tube or rod, are lined in russet, grey & green and sheathed in pale-orange, green & ivory. Signed with a “Y” cane in the first row (at 7 o'clock in the first...

    £ 220.00
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