Whitefriars Glass was located near London on a site originally occupied by Carmelite monks - the White Friars, hence the famous logo. Although for years many "experts" insisted that Whitefriars had produced paperweights in the 19th Century, more recent research indicates that the first weights only appeared in the late 1930s! The heyday of paperweight making were the years between 1953 and 1980 - when, under the guidance of Geoffrey Baxter, who became the company’s chief designer - some beautiful and extremely sought after designs were introduced. Whitefriars paperweights were always of the highest quality. In late 1980 economic pressures forced the company into liquidation.

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    A 6 row concentric design with single canes in blue, white, ruby, straw, purple & moss- green. The canes in the fifth row are set in blue-lined white collars. The weight is finished with a top window and 5 side facets. Signed with a blue/white 1978 date cane in the 2nd row. Typical Whitefriars base. (Bears original factory label on one of the side facets).

    £ 90.00
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