Strathearn Glass was set up in Crieff, Scotland, during 1964 after the Teacher’s Whisky company took over Vasart Glass. It was officially opened in 1965. The company’s mainstay was the millefiori spoke pattern, made in a huge range of colours and variations. A few weights had signature and date canes but most only had a Strathearn sticker, which time has generally worn away! The workforce at Strathearn also made a number of designs of collector quality but the management - with an eye on the more lucrative gift trade - considered them too expensive to produce and relatively few were made. In 1980 Strathearn was acquired by Stuart and Sons (later Stuart Crystal) and paperweight production phased out.

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    A striking colour combination - ivory, caramel, mauve, pale-blue, olive-green & white - in this large, dated P-10 design with 8 latticinio spokes separating the 1-2-2-3 millefiori cane configuration over clear ground.  Signed “S” in a blue/white serrated cane and dated “71" in a yellow/white tube. A high-domed weight with a flat, polished base. 

    £ 99.00
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    A high-domed, neatly set up P-10 pattern, with millefiori canes in shades of ivory, pale-blue and pale-green, pink & yellow set between latticinio cable "spokes” over clear ground.Signed with a blue “S” in a blue/white serrated cane and dated “71” in blue numerals in a yellow/white tube.Flat, polished base with (slightly abraded) original factory sticker.

    £ 89.00
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items