St. Louis

After a break of roughly 90 years, St. Louis started to make paperweights again in the early 1950s. All the trade secrets had been lost in the intervening years so the glassworkers had to experiment with millefiori and lampwork techniques. Early weights appear somewhat unsophisticated and lack the vibrant colours that had distinguished their mid-19th Century counterparts. In 1970 St. Louis launched the first of its Annual Limited Editions - just 3 designs. Modern St. Louis paperweights contain an SL signature/date cane and later editions are usually numbered. Annual Editions - plus occasional one-off pieces - continue to be produced, although each year only a couple of new designs in small editions are issued.

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    Set over a white muslin cushion, the design is centred by a complex cane encircled by pistachio tubes, pink crimps & white stars. 5 coloured garlands - each composed of a different type of millefiori cane - loop around 4 silhouette canes (a dog, a horse, a dancing lady & the figure of a man). The loop of the fifth garland encloses an SL1984 date...

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    Set against an opaque dark-blue ground is a 3-dimensional, multi-petalled pink & white streaked rose. The design is completed by 2 pink buds, a short stem and variegated bluish-green/yellow leaves. The weight is finished with a concave top facet and 5 side facets.Signed with a blue/white SL1989 date cane on the underside of the colour ground....

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    A millefiori mushroom composed of 6 rows of fine canes in a harmonious range of colours - pale & dark-green, blue, turquoise, pink & ochre - is enclosed within a white-on-green double overlay.  The outer row of canes is drawn into a tapering stem.  The overlay is finished with a top and 6 circular side facets A pink/white SL1981 signature/date...

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    Lines of complex brown, pink & white millefiori canes are interlaced with strands of fine white filigree over an opaque pale-green cushion.Signed close to the end of the centre line of canes with a blue/white SL1988 date cane.  Polished, concave base. (Includes original, numbered certificate)

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    Within the yellow-on-white double overlay is a millefiori mushroom composed of 6 rings of complex canes around a centre cluster of white, pale-blue & tobacco-coloured 6-point stars.  Cane colours include pink, ivory & ochre.  The red canes in the outer row form a tapering stem.An SL1987 signature/date cane is incorporated in the 4th row of canes....

    £ 380.00
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