St. Louis

After a break of roughly 90 years, St. Louis started to make paperweights again in the early 1950s. All the trade secrets had been lost in the intervening years so the glassworkers had to experiment with millefiori and lampwork techniques. Early weights appear somewhat unsophisticated and lack the vibrant colours that had distinguished their mid-19th Century counterparts. In 1970 St. Louis launched the first of its Annual Limited Editions - just 3 designs. Modern St. Louis paperweights contain an SL signature/date cane and later editions are usually numbered. Annual Editions - plus occasional one-off pieces - continue to be produced, although each year only a couple of new designs in small editions are issued.

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    Six circlets of complex millefiori canes - resembling doilies - are arranged over an opaque pinkish-orange ground. The predominant colours in the composite tube-and-star canes are light-brown and various shades of blue augmented by pink, red & white. A red/white SL1984 signature/date cane is set between two of the circles. Polished, concave base with...

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    The red-on-white double overlay is cut with a circular top window and 12 concave side facets to reveal a bouquet composed of 5 stylized flowers. 4 of the flowers - in shades of blue, red, orange & white/pale-blue - are centred by complex red/white millefiori canes.The petals of the white flower enclose an SL 1977 signature/date cane. The polished,...

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    Five lampworked flowers (orange, pink, mauve, white & white with pale-blue stripes) are centred by complex millefiori canes and arranged in a flat bouquet on clear ground. At the base of the green stems are 3 green leaves. A garland of alternating blue, red & white millefiori canes encircles the bouquet. The weight is finished with a circular top...

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    A fascinating design created with just 2 different millefiori canes: red, black & white cogs & blue-centred stardust canes. The canes are arranged as elongated ovals around a pastel-pink & white cluster in the lower part of the pattern. A blue/white SL1988 signature/date cane is set at the base of the smallest red, black & white oval. The...

    £ 380.00
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